Monday, March 9, 2009

Poll #79: "What do you think of Excitebots: Trick Racing?" results, banner

Sorry about the... Well, nothing last week. Rest assured that this week will be quite different!

"It looks awesome!" 3 votes (18%)
"I might be fun" 6 votes (37%)
"Looks kinda crappy to me" 2 votes (12%)
"Ugh, it's terrible!" 0 votes (0%)
"What's Excitebots?" 2 votes (12%)
"I don't know" 3 votes (18%)

A little surprised to see nobody say it's terrible. I was sure that at least one person would be instantly turned away by the more comical approach. Also, since the poll went live last week, I think my vote should actually go to "It looks awesome!". My copy of Nintendo Power with the preview in it arrived today, and I gotta say it sounds downright amazing. Sure, the more cartoony aspects of pies and vehicles with faces will be a little annoying at first, but beneath that seems to lie one heck of a fun racer. Also, did I just see the words "Super Sandwich"? SOLD!

This week's banner is from forum member Psychogoose (A name which I still can't figure out the inspiration behind) and the theme is MadWorld. As if the banner isn't awesome enough on its own, the original file name is "duckbannernumero3". That's just cool.

Speaking of MadWorld, it's also the basis for this week's poll: "Will you be getting MadWorld?" Personally, I'll be grabbing it on Wednesday if all goes well. Seriously, every other Wii owner out there over the age of 17 needs to do the same. Buy MadWorld, people. Buy it for the sake of quality action gaming on the Wii.

The next article is just about all thought out, and will probably be available for your reading pleasure tomorrow. I say "probably" because I kinda feel like writing tonight, but I'll most likely just get a bit of it done if anything. Whatever the case, you'll be getting it!


SpinachPuffs said...

Half of me desperately wants MadWorld and the other half remembers that I live with three younger siblings who I can't play the game around. It's one that I'll probably get at the end of the Wii's life once I'm living away from family members... ;)

Kyle said...

I'll definitely be getting MadWorld soon. If all goes well I'll have it by Friday, along with New Play Control Pikmin.

Though I am a bit like SpinachPuffs, I have a younger sibling and parents that wouldn't really be into this game, so I'll definitely play it when everyone else is in bed (much like I did with No More Heroes and House of the Dead: Overkill).

Unknown said...

Third parties have already made up their minds on Wii. They just don't want to compete with Nintendo, and they don't mind treating it like Gamecube 2. I don't think this game will do anything to change anyone's mind truthfully.