Thursday, August 28, 2008

A shocking realization regarding Birdo

I know this hardly qualifies as an update, but this had to be said.

When most people talk about Birdo, the main topic of discussion is what gender "it" is. Considering recent developments, though, I'm now even less sure than ever. I used to be fairly certain that Birdo was a cross-dressing male. Now, though, things have gotten a little... Disgusting.

According to the game Captain Rainbow, Birdo has a device beneath its pillow that vibrates and emits a buzzing sound. Anyone with a mind as filthy as mine knows exactly what this is. This almost certainly means Birdo is, indeed, a female.

But that raises one concern: In Birdo's first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2, she spits eggs at the player. Now, most animals birth or lay eggs via their reproductive organs. But, that would mean that on Birdo's face is, indeed... Well, a fully-functioning vagina.

Yes, that's right. For all these years Nintendo has had a character parading about with her lady parts out in the open for all to see, spitting eggs out of it like she's some sort of demented vending machine.

And you thought Nintendo was kiddy.

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Kyle said...

What the fuck man? LOL...

Anonymous said...

Who cares?
He/She/It is creepy and that's all that matters.