Friday, August 29, 2008

Wii Music: A step in the right direction

Sorry this is so short. The power kept flickering on and off, so I gotta make it quick.

Most people are upset at the direction in which Wii Music is headed. No penalty for playing badly? No scores? What is this? My answer: It's perfect.

Wii Music just looks like a whole load of fun to me, and really, isn't that what games are all about? If Wii Music's delivery is just random instrument playing however you want with loose suggestions, then that's fine by me! I'd much rather pay $50 or less for this game and have 60+ instruments than pay thousands of dollars to have all of those instruments for real.

Also, I don't mind how simple the game is. In fact, I love that! So many of the modern games are too complex for my parents to join in on, and something fun and simple like Wii Music will allow us all to get in on the fun and have a cool little jam session.

So sure, Wii Music isn't anything like a new Super Mario or Zelda, but it still looks like a lot of fun. It was never meant to compete with the games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and I'm happy for that. Shigeru Miyamoto calling it a toy actually made me realize how amazing Wii Music truly is, blurring the line between videogames and toys.

Fun is fun, no matter the delivery. Wii Music is sure to be a blast when it comes out, and I'll have one heck of a time jamming out on my invisible saxophone. That may not be your thing, but to me, it sounds like a whole load of fun.

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Bullock said...

See, the thing is, WiiMusic doesn't allow you to have 60 plus instruments. It allows you to have a set amount of instruments to play a set list of songs. Now, have you ever tried playing your own version of Wii Music? I like to call it Mee Music. What you do? Turn on iTunes and blast some songs to jam to. Basically the same thing, only a LOT cheaper.

Anonymous said...

It allows you to have 60+ instruments to play 30 or so songs (I'm guessing it's around $30). Plus, who knows that it'll be $50? It could very well be $40 or $30 (hopefully so).