Monday, December 3, 2007

A huge idea for a Smash Bros. Brawl stage

Many badly-drawn Paint images ahead. You've been warned...

Look at the so-far-unveiled Super Smash Bros. Brawl stages: There's something from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid, and even New Pork City from Mother 3. But as of yet, we've yet to see anything from the main man's latest adventure, Super Mario Galaxy. Delfino Island's nice, but how about something a little more cosmic?

How about a level based on the Good Egg Galaxy? Think of the gravity-bending possibilities! Following are some (Incredibly badly drawn) examples of just how this could be pulled off.

Yoshi Egg Planet

Of course, the Galaxy's namesake egg planet would have to be there! The arrows represent the gravitational pull, by the way. As you can see, the gravity on the Yoshi Egg Planet draws all fighters to the oblong body. Due to the fact that the planet is round, all sides can be walked on, even those of which seem to be impossible to walk on by standard Super Smash Bros. logic.

Basically, you can stand on any surface of this planet. Thusly it's impossible to fall off. How will you defeat your enemies, then? You'll just have to get their damage count so high that they break the gravitational pull of the Egg. Then, they'll simply fly off the edges of the screen and die with the traditional Smash Bros. explosion. It's really a lot more simple than it may sound.

Hole-Filled Planet

Again, like the Yoshi Egg Planet, this is based on a real celestial body of the Good Egg Galaxy. It's shaped like a doughnut, and the green, grassy areas can be stood on. As you can see, there's a black hole in the center of the planet, and that'll be the main method of defeating your enemies. Just knock 'em into one of the planet's holes, and, barring a miraculous tether recovery, they'll get sucked into the vacuum and be destroyed.

Again, it'll be possible to kick your enemies out of the gravitational pull by damaging them enough, but with all these holes to fall into, it's somewhat less likely to happen.

Split Planet

Okay, this one isn't actually based on a planet in the Good Egg Galaxy, but still, it fits the theme. Strangely enough, there is no black hole in the center of this planet. Instead, every surface can be walked on. There is a bit of trickery going on with the gravity, however.

See those arrows with the lines through them? Those lines show where the gravity switches directions. For example, if you're standing in the lower half of the inner circle and jump past the line, you'll be pulled up to the upper half of the inside of the planet, and commence walking upside down. Neat!

Of course, there's one other possibility, and that's...

The entire Good Egg Galaxy

Again, as you can see, plenty of gravitational arrows and shifting polarity. I added a few planets to fill things out, but since none of them are really anything special, why bother describing them?

Basically, you can move from planet to planet by passing the gravitational barriers between each one. It's all set up in a big circle, so don't worry about ever ending up too far from your opponent(s).

Also, it could work something like the Rainbow Ride stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, with each planet scrolling by as you fight. Either way, this would make for some intense battles.

Also, trajectories can be affected by how close something or someone passes by a planet. Take a look at the following example:

As you can see, the black dot represents the attacker, while the line shows the trajectory of the victim. After leaving the gravitational pull of the Hole-Filled Planet, the victim soon comes close to the Yoshi Egg Planet, giving a curve to his/her trajectory. However, the victim's velocity is too great, and he/she breaks free of the Yoshi Egg Planet's gravitational pull, and flies off the edge of the screen. Nuts, huh? Of course, the Egg and Hole-Filled planets are nowhere near each other in the above stage map, but hey, this is just an example.

So that's how I think a Super Mario Galaxy stage should be done in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. What are your thoughts on my ideas? Also, how would you have pulled it off?

The Duck Has Spoken.


LipeCau said...

It's... It's HUGE!
This idea has been thought by many (Me included), but yours is the most solid I've seen so far, it came out pretty well.

Hotness said...

So... would it be zoomed out all the time? I mean if you've got two guys at two ends of the galaxy, it might be hard to even see your character, let alone picking stuff up. It's still a very good concept though, and I think the stand-alone planets might work(or maybe if you've only got a couple small ones) very well; I especially like the one with the walkable centre.