Monday, December 10, 2007

Poll #20: "What do you think of One Duck's Opinion so far?" results, banner, news

Poll results #20!

"It couldn't possibly be any better!" 2 votes (4%)
"I like it quite a bit" 28 votes (65%)
"It's okay" 7 votes (16%)
"I'm not too crazy about it" 1 vote (2%)
"I really don't like it" 0 votes (0%)
"It's terrible!" 2 votes (4%)
"I'm not sure" 2 votes (4%)
"No opinion" 1 vote (2%)

It's good to see the majority of you are satisfied with One Duck's Opinion. Those people who voted for "It couldn't possibly be any better!" were almost certainly voting dishonestly. There's tonnes that could be improved here, and I know this better than anybody else. But hey, maybe what the blog is right now is enough for those two voters. Who knows?

Surprised to see a Pokémon Snap banner up there? You shouldn't be! I've been yapping on about this game for ages, and now that it's finally hit the Virtual Console I feel it's time to celebrate! So banner ahoy!

Make sure to vote in the new poll, "What is your favorite videogame genre?"! I can't decide, really. I like too many of them to choose!

And now for the bad news: There will not be a new article tonight. I just got around to the poll results, and it's already past midnight. I'll try to post something tomorrow, and then it should be back to normal on Wednesday. So sorry for the delay! Something tomorrow will be my top priority!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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