Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pokémon Snap Wii ideas

Here's today's replacement for last night's absence. Also, this is somewhat of an expansion of my June 19th article, Games that deserve a sequel

I may be jumping the gun a bit with this assumption, but I have a good feeling that we'll be seeing a Pokémon Snap sequel within the next few years. I'm probably just jumping all over tiny bits of info that just might point in the direction of a sequel, but dammit, I loved Snap, and there must be another! But what would have to be done to make a new Snap? They can't just slap a few new Pokémon into the coding and chuck it out. Improvements will have to be made! Here are a bunch of ideas that I think would make Pokémon Snap Wii a truly amazing title.

All 493 Pokémon Must Be Present

Okay, I know I said "They can't just slap a few new Pokémon into the coding and chuck it out", but darn it, this is really important! In the original Snap, there were only 63 of 150 known Pokémon available to be photographed. No Tauros, no Pinsir, and no Blastoise. These three Pokémon and more would have all made excellent pictures! In the suspected Pokémon Snap Wii, every one of the 493 Pokémon from Bulbasaur to Arceus would make an appearance in the game.

New Items

In the original Pokémon Snap, there were three items available to the player:

The PokéFlute - Awoke sleeping Pokémon, and caused some creatures to dance.
Apples - Can be used to lead certain Pokémon along. Also works well as a means of attacking Pokémon to agitate or disturb them.
Pester Balls - Similar to PokéBalls filled with sleeping gas, Pester Balls can be used to knock out Pokémon and even coax some out of cover.

What new items could be added? Here are a couple of ideas:

An "Evolution" item - When used on certain Pokémon, this item would cause the target to immediately evolve into it's next form. This would be handy for finding a way to cram all 493 Pokémon into the game's boundaries.
A fishing rod - Would be used for finding Pokémon in the water.

That's all I got. Although a fishing rod would be awkward to use while moving along in the ZERO-ONE, don't you think? Thusly, I propose...

Free-Roaming Gameplay

In a vast departure from the original game, my vision of Pokémon Snap Wii would be entirely free-roaming. You could walk around vast environments filled with tonnes of wild Pokémon. In order to get around, you could make use of vehicles such as boats and bicycles.

Now, some Pokémon may not take kindly to being pestered and photographed. It would be a good idea to avoid peeving off a Rhydon, but if you do, not much could be done. Run away, dodge it, hide, whatever you can do to avoid being hurt, do it. Of course, in the case that a Pokémon does manage to attack you, your run of the level would come to an end. You would lose all already taken photos, and probably also lose points or currency (Whatever the game's collectible ends up being). Perhaps some Pokémon could be knocked out with a Pester Ball, but when it comes to behemoths like Giratina and Onix, I wouldn't count on it.

On the bright side, an attacking Pokémon would make for a great picture. Just try not to get yourself killed in the process!

Control Scheme Ideas

What's that? "Enter first-person view"? Yes, the default perspective while walking around would be third person. Only when taking pictures would you be able to see through the character's eyes. I suppose you could walk around entirely in first-person view, but I wouldn't like it, personally.

Unlocking Pokémon for Use in Diamond or Pearl

Wouldn't that be neat? Running around, taking pictures merrily, and suddenly you get a message saying that you can now unlock Darkrai in Pokémon Diamond or Pearl! It would all work pretty simply. Certain Pokémon, when photographed, would then be made available for transfer to your DS Pokémon game! Take a picture of, say, a Bulbasaur for example, and you'd then be able to transfer a Bulbasaur to your DS! Of course, each Pokémon could be sent only once per play-through, so don't bother trying to get a team of six Mewtwo or anything. Little brother upset that you got a Celebi and he didn't? Well, tell him to get working on his own separate game file! Multiple gamesaves would be a must if it were possible to unlock Pokémon in this way.

Also, perhaps the Pokémon you beam from Snap would be special in some way! A Pikachu holding a special item or a Rattata that knows Hyper Beam? Hey, who knows!

So then, those are some ideas I have for Pokémon Snap Wii. I really, really, REALLY hope Nintendo is working on this! If somebody from NOA is reading this, get on the phone to HQ and get the paperwork going! Pokémon Snap Wii must happen!

The Duck Has Spoken.


WideWhitey said...

Love the idea. It definitely must happen!

RCat said...

Absolutely in love with the idea of a Pokemon Snap sequel for the Wii. The only thing I don't see happening (that is, if they're trying to make it a blockbuster) is the sending of photographed Pokemon to D/P, at least with the legendaries. Nintendo seems to delight in either making you pay money to them in some manner to get certain legendaries, or they screw over everyone that isn't in New York/has a Toys R Us. That, or you have to fully beat a somewhat tedious game (like Ranger or Colosseum) to get a legendary. Of course, they could do something like that for Snap, but it would undoubtedly be some slightly-difficult to get Pokemon like Cresselia or Latios/Latias.

Of course, it would be sweet if they decided to be nice for once and let Darkrai or Shaymin be obtainable that way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was thinking the exact same thing when I got my Wii. I loved snap and i want to see more in depth gameplay if they make a second.

As for extra gameplay. It would be cool to actually develop or 'photoshop' your images to look better.

I love the idea of free roaming.

Great ideas man

Jake said...

I've thought about this for quite some time. The free-roaming might kill the aspect of snapping those difficult-to-photograph 'mon, but would still be pretty neat. I had also hoped in the presence of all these other wiimote expansions (gun, racket, etc.) an official Pokemon Snap Camera expansion could be developed.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention printer accessory could be made, like the gameboy camera.

Anonymous said...

They don't even need to cram all the Pokemon in at the same time they could import different courses with new Pokemon in it to keep the game fresh and make you come back over and over again