Monday, September 8, 2008

Poll #56: "Wii Music: Great, okay, or bad?" results, banner

"Great!" 6 votes (23%)
"Okay" 7 votes (26%)
"Bad!" 9 votes (34%)
"I don't know" 4 votes (15%)

People seem to be mostly mixed on this one, slightly leaning towards the negative side of things. I've already made my feelings on the subject known, and it's good to see I'm not the only one who's actually looking forward to Wii Music. For example, check out this post I just found on I've Never Liked Your Spinach Puffs (Which, by the way, is the best Emperor's New Groove reference ever). Give it a read, it's pretty well done. Man, that was a lot of linking going on just there...

So then, next up is this week's banner. Yes, it's a Team Fortress 2 banner again, but look closely... See how great the graphics are? I found myself an e-GeForce 8500 GT graphics card for just $40 yesterday, and it works like a charm. All my games run beautifully at fully cranked graphics, and man is it awesome. Anyways, the Heavy in that screenshot was actually killed by someone else, but the pose was so awesome I had to take a pic. Then I noticed how perfectly he was looking up, so I figured I'd put the logo up there, as if he was distracted by its awesomeness and killed at the same time. Always watch your backs, people!

Also, I can now personally confirm just how beautiful Team Fortress 2 is. That perfect 10 I gave it was not at all an exaggeration. Absolutely amazing game in every way.

So then, that just leaves the matter of this week's poll: "Do you know someone with a pet named after a video game character?" Yeah, it's kind of weird, but I personally know two of them. I know a golden Labrador named Rikku, and a black cat named Lulu, both characters from Final Fantasy X. Just wondering if anyone else has come across such a thing. (Also, I almost named one of my cats "Mario" due to the "M" shape on his forehead. His name is Pepper now)

Alrighty then, tonight's article will be up later tonight. See ya then!

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