Monday, September 29, 2008

Poll #59: "Mega Man 9's 8-bit art style: Lazy, or awesome?" results, banner

"Awesome!" 24 votes (77%)
"Lazy!" 3 votes (9%)
"I don't know" 4 votes (12%)

I'm glad to see most people feel this way. I honestly don't even understand where the "Lazy!" voters are coming from when they say that. I mean, if they were just being lazy, I doubt they'd have gone so far as reduce the game to 8-bit graphics. Seriously, people. This was a design choice, and I'm incredibly happy that Capcom took this bold step forward with a big step back.

This week's banner is all about Disaster: Day of Crisis, which finally saw a release in Japan last week. Now then, Nintendo, how about a North American release date, hmm? And I don't care what anyone says, Disaster still looks like a load of fun. Maybe not amazing, but fun nonetheless.

Now then, that just leaves this week's poll: "Are you ready for a new DS?" Rumours have been running rampant that a new DS will be unveiled soon, and I want to know if you guys feel if this is too soon. Personally, I think it's just the right timing. The DS first came out in 2004, almost four years ago. Handheld technology has gotten exceptionally better since then, and a new DS is sure to be leaps and bounds above what we've been playing with these past 46 months. Also, my DS Lite is broken, so I was in the market for a new one, anyways. But hey, that's not the case for everyone. Let your voice be heard, people!

Tonight's article will be up in a little while! Chance of it being related to the rumoured new DS: 99.9% There, take that as a preview or somethin'.

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