Monday, September 1, 2008

Poll #55: "One Duck's Opinion now features PC-related articles. What do you think?" results, banner

"Sounds great!" 8 votes (27%)
"Hey, why the hell not?" 17 votes (58%)
"I'm not too happy" 1 vote (3%)
"No! Go back to how it was!" 2 votes (6%)
"Um... Wait, there's PC stuff now?" votes 1 vote (3%)
"I don't know" 0 votes (0%)

It's good to see that most of you are cool with this. As for the guy that said "Um... Wait, there's PC stuff now?", I suppose I can understand that. After all, I've only written one PC article so far. That should change either this week or next, though, as I've got another review planned.

As for this week's banner... I literally made it in about a minute. I was just tired of seeing the same Team Fortress 2 banner for two weeks! So, here ya go for now.

And finally, there's this week's poll: "Wii Music: Great, okay, or bad?" A lot of people disagreed with Friday's article, so I figured I'd make a poll out of it. The results should prove interesting!

As for tonight's article, it's already done! I wrote it right after the Wii Music article, and I've had it sitting around ever since. It'll be up in a few minutes!

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