Saturday, June 2, 2007

Plug it in, plug it in!

First, no, this is not an ad for Glade Plug-Ins, just a clever title. Anywho, the real point of this post is to post some of my ideas of possible Wiimote attachments we may see down the line, as well as a couple that are more, well, "out there".

So far, we've seen the release of only two Wiimote attachments, the Nunchuk and the Classic Controller (The ubiquitous non-electronic shells don't count). But what else will we be plugging in later on in the Wii's life-cycle? Here are a few ideas I came up with for new Wiimote attachments.


We recently heard of the Wiimote's hidden audio translator, which has the ability to turn sounds into electronic signals understandable to the Wii. Problem is, the Wiimote has no audio input. The microphone attachment will solve this. I am aware that later this year, Electronic Arts will be shipping Boogie, which will include a USB microphone. But that's a little clunky, especially for such an active game as Boogie. A microphone that plugs into the Wiimote would make much more sense. And since the audio translator is already inside the Wiimote, the microphone could thusly omit this from it's design, and be easier and cheaper to manufacture.

How probable is it? Very much so, I'd say. After all, if all we get is a USB microphone, then only two people will be able to play at once. The Wii only has two USB ports, folks! If we were restricted thusly, it wouldn't be much of an "everyone" console, then, would it? The Wiimote microphone only makes sense!

NES/SNES/N64/Genesis/Turbografx 16 controller port

Imagine being able to finally play all your favorite classic games on the Wii with the controllers they were designed for... Beautiful sight, isn't it? With this little doodad, that just may be possible! There would be a separate adapter for each console (Eg: One for NES, one for SNES, etc.), and they'd probably be nice and cheap ($5, if I had to guess). Once this dongle is plugged in, you simply plug the appropriate controller, and WHAM! You're gonna be gaming like it's 1999 (Or earlier)! This would be really great for those who had one of these consoles in the past, and they don't work anymore. Also a great alternative for blowing into your NES for three hours!

How probable is it? Sadly, I don't think it's very likely. First of all, all software on the Shop Channel would have to be updated with the firmware required to understand input given to the console (Unless they also put an input translator in the dongle, but that'd be pretty pricey). Secondly, not many people still have these controllers anymore, making it a somewhat niche item. Finally, since the Classic Controller works with all of these consoles, why bother? No, I don't think we'll be seeing this anytime soon, if at all.


Wouldn't it be great to vocally taunt your opponents online during a round of Mario Strikers Charged! or Battalion Wars II? With the Wii headset, that could all come true! "But Duck, what about the Nunchuk?" Why, the headset would of course have a pass-through connection, my dear friend! You could plug the headset into the Wiimote, and the Nunchuk into the headset! Elementary, my dear Watson!

How probable is it? Sadly, this, like the microphone, has many things holding it back from hitting the market. One, the infamous Friend Codes. Two, the pass-through connection would likely be long and unwieldy. Finally, the headset would likely be expensive, and the chances of your opponent having one are fairly slim. So, the headset will regrettably be tossed in the pile with the other accessories too odd to be pulled off. Also, if the Wiimote microphone is released, there would be no need for a headset (Especially if said microphone also had a pass-through). Sound would be picked up through the mike, relayed online and played through your opponent's TV or Wiimote speaker. The headset would be convenient, but unnecessary.

Well, those are my thoughts. What do you guys think of my ideas? Also, what are some attachments you've thought up?

The Duck Has Spoken.

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