Sunday, June 3, 2007

Show's over, nothing to see here!

Yeah, no post today, folks. Just as I predicted, I'm waaaaaaaaaay too buzzed from the game to concentrate!! I practically CRAPPED myself that last inning, and anyone else who saw the game knows exactly why!

Today went really well, though. I got to go out, take a train ride downtown, see the sights... Also, when we got to the seats, they were barely a foot wide, not wide enough for some of our derrières. So we complained a bit to someone in charge (We were told these seat were supposed to be armless), and they took us down two levels, gave us some surprisingly comfortable fold-out chairs, and we were in business!

Oh man, you guys should've seen what they did to these two White Sox fans!! The Blue Jays mascot, Ace, went around in the audience to choose someone to put in a better seat as a little prize, and they chose these two White Sox fans. When the announcer asked if we wanted to give them the seats, everyone booed, of course! But they went ahead with it, and as the Sox fans walked up the stairs, Ace held up a big sign that said "I'm taking them to the 500 level!". People didn't seem to get it, so he held up another sign saying "I can't hear you! I said..." then he held up the first sign again, and the whole crowd went nuts! Then the Sox fans appeared on the Jumbotron, looking all happy. What they didn't know, however, is that the 500 level is waaaaaaaaaay up top, in the nosebleeds! So after an inning went by, they showed them on the Jumbotron again, sitting there looking all pissed! I could actually see them, way, way far off on the other side of the stadium, all alone in a big, empty seating area! All throughout the game, I kept looking back up at them, and laughed each and every time!

But, somewhere between the 5th and 7th inning, they were gone! We assumed they left! But a little while later, they were back. Then, right at the end of the 8th inning, they put them back on the Jumbotron, and there they were, wearing Blue Jays' T-shirts! Converts!

Ok, so it was all an act, but damned if it wasn't HILARIOUS! Well, I'd better wrap this up. After all, this is a gaming blog, not a sports blog! So, in short, no post today folks!

Wait.... But this is a post! That means that therefore... This post doesn't exist!

*Space-time continuum rips into shreds, and PsychoDuck is forever lost in the depths of nothingness*

PS: Yes, I know, I'm insane. Why else do you think I go by the name PsychoDuck? COO COO CACHOO!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Lithium said...

sounds like you had fun at the game!

ModestMr.Green said...


Nintendo_Freak:) said...

Sounds fun. Too bad the Cardinals rule!

PsychoDuck said...

" Nintendo_Freak:) said...

Sounds fun. Too bad the Cardinals rule! "

I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.


The Duck Has Spoken.

Dave said...

The White SOX Will Win Again