Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poll #71: "What do you think of the Pokémon games?" results, banner, me whining

"I love them!" 11 votes (33%)
"It's getting old" 20 votes (60%)
"I'm indifferent" 0 votes (0%)
"I've never liked them" 1 vote (3%)
"I'm not sure" 1 vote (3%)

Seems I'm not the only one growing tired of the series. Even the die-hard fans have to admit it's at least a little same-old same-old.

This week's banner comes from forum member ryanrab1, and it's in celebration of the upcoming (Er, actually, currently happening) launch of Mirror's Edge for the PC. Playing Garry's Mod Parkour has me pretty excited for a full-fledged free-running game, so I just may pick this up on the weekend...

This week's poll is a bit of a throwback to a certain game released just under a year ago: "Who's the best third-party fighter in Smash Bros. Brawl?" It's Sonic VS Snake, folks! Sega VS Konami! Blue VS... Not blue! Who's your pick for the best third-party brawler? Personally, I'm better with Sonic, but... Hot damn, it's Solid-Freaking-Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's too awesome for words.

Now then, about that review I said would be started on Saturday and posted today (Or rather, yesterday)... I did just what should be expected of ol' procrastinating me and didn't even start writing until today. Then I went to play the game a bit one last time before the review... And now it's 4:00 AM. I'll whip up something quick tomorrow so there'll be something new to read, and I'll work on that review afterwords. Oddly enough, the "filler" may actually be another review, so... That's kinda weird. Oh well, see ya tomorrow... Or later today. Staying up late makes me confused.

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