Monday, January 5, 2009

Stop the Pokémon train, I want to get off

So short! Don't worry, I got a review planned for the next couple days. Hold tight!

Back in 1999 I got a Game Boy Color and a copy of Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition for Christmas. I loved that game then, and I still do now, having bought another copy to replace my long-lost cartridge. However, the latest iterations of Pokémon haven't managed to evoke that same feeling of wonder and enjoyment that the first two generations did. I've grown bored of Pokémon.

One of the reasons this may be is that nothing's really changed. We still fight eight themed gyms, get our starters from some professor that shares a name with a tree, and fight against some evil organization of varying competence. Four generations all with their own versions of the above, yet it all manages to be just about exactly the same in the end.

Another possible reason is the steady decline in the quality of the Pokémon themselves. The simple and cute designs of the first 150 have evolved into complex and bizarre-looking creatures occupying the latest 98 additions.

I think it's safe to say that Game Freak's run out of good ideas for new Pokémon, since now the new gimmick seems to be bringing back old creatures in new forms (Or "Formes", as they're officially called), with a serpentine Giratina, a variety of household appliance forms for Rotom (What, no sandwich?), and a mysteriously airborne dog redesign for Shaymin. If this is what's in store as the new big thing in the inevitable fifth generation, well, don't expect me to invest in Pokémon Graphite.

Also, like I said in "Pokémon: Why it needs to go back to go forward", I'm sick of how nicey-nice the so-called rivals have been these last two generations. I want someone I really feel like kicking the crap out of, not some good friend of mine. I want someone like the jerk from Gold/Silver/Crystal to really get my blood boiling again. But no, we have to make do with rejects from an after-school special instead that practically encourage us to wipe their Pokémon off the face of the Earth.

When Pokémon Platinum rolls around I'll probably pick it up for one last go, but after that I think I'll be jumping off the Pokémon train for good. It's been a good nine year ride, but it's about time I move on to something new. Maybe I'll finally get around to tracking down a copy of Mother 3 and a translation patch.

How about you? Has Pokémon lost its grip on you? Let your thoughts be known in the comment section, or this forum thread. And, if you read this by the 12th, you can also let your feelings be known via the current poll, located in the sidebar. So go ahead, vote, comment and post! Or none of the above! Because, you know, I can't control you... Yet...


Kyle said...

The last Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Sapphire. While I enjoyed it, it didn't entertain and awe me like the R/B/Y and G/S/C generations. Those were some of my favorite games of my childhood and still keep me addicted today if I pop in the cartridge.

I didn't even pick up Diamond or Pearl because of their lack of originality. But when I finally pick up a DSi, I might purchase Platinum with it. But count me out of any more Pokemon RPGs unless Nintendo and Game Freak decide to innovate a bit (I mean, it's Nintendo's key word this console generation. How come we haven't been seeing it in fan favorite series like Animal Crossing and Pokemon?)

Kupochan said...

I'm bored of the main series. But... I enjoy the Mystery Dungeon series. It has a deeper story... it can make me cry... I feel more attached to the Pokemon who join me... I might stop getting the main series, but Mystery Dungeon has kept me in the fandom.

Rawful said...

I know exactly what you mean. I recently bought a Japanese version of Pokemon Yellow (because, like you, I got the Special Edition yellow game/system). When I realized that I can't read a thing of Japanese, I looked around for my GSC games. ALL of their batteries had died. So, I went to work fixing one. I chose Crystal, and I replaced the battery. I've gotta say that that game is WAY more fun than Diamond.