Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poll #84: "The DSi is now out in all major markets! Do you have one yet?" results, banner

"Yes!" 8 votes (38%)
"No, but I want one!" 10 votes (47%)
"No, and I don't want one" 3 votes (14%)
"It's not available where I live" 0 votes (0%)

Well, if these results are in any way proportional to how everyone feels, I do believe the DSi will at least manage to outsell the Game Boy Micro... If it hasn't already.

While the following banner may seem somewhat out of date to most of you out there (Dragon Quest V's been out on the DS for nearly two months now), I myself just picked it up over the weekend, making it quite relevant for me! Who knows, maybe this banner will make me get off my ass and actually write a review for it. Hey, you never know.

And finally we have this week's poll: "Have you ever played a Virtual Boy?" The only Nintendo console that can even be remotely considered a failure, the Virtual Boy isn't exactly as common as a Nintendo Entertainment System. I've only ever seen one a handful of times, and I've never even once had the pleasure (Or displeasure) of playing one. How about you guys?

Sorry about how lacking last week was, folks. I'm still pondering that post originally scheduled for the Tuesday update, so maybe that'll surface sometime this week. As for the Dragon Quest V review... Well, maybe I shouldn't push my luck.

1 comment:

Rawful said...

I own a Virtual Boy (and obviously played it).

If you lived near me, I'd let you play it. :P