Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poll #85: "Have you ever played a Virtual Boy?" results, banner, explanations ***UPDATE***

9:31 PM, Wednesday, April 22nd: The article won't quite be ready to be posted tonight, but there's a good-sized chunk of it already done. It will almost certainly be ready for Thursday, though!

"Yes" 6 votes (26%)
"No" 16 votes (69%)
"I'm not sure" 1 vote (4%)

So that's six who have, sixteen who haven't, and one that just can't remember. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll come back to you soon enough!

This week's banner is themed on the DSi. Why? Because I can't think of anything else to theme it on (Except ExciteBots, but all banners based on that ended up looking like complete ass). More on that later.

As for this week's poll, the question is "Are you happy with your DSi?" I'd have to say I vastly prefer my DSi over my old DS Lite, but that's mainly due to my old DS Lite being horribly disfigured... Or, to put it less grotesquely, in a NERF case. That aside, I am quite happy with my purchase.

Now then, for the explanation. You'll probably notice that this post is a full 24 hours later than it should have been. Why is that? Basically, it's because I hit a writer's block at 120 MPH... About two weeks ago. This is evident from the grand total of two articles posted over the last fortnight. I've been unable to do much real thinking over the last two weeks, with reasons ranging to personal problems I'd rather not bore you with to a sudden renewed addiction to Garry's Mod. On the bright side, this mental blockage seems to have just about passed, and I've got a good feeling about something substantial being posted tomorrow, with one of three solid ideas ready to go.

Alright, so with all that out of the way, I'll get that new poll up and running and probably head to sleep a little afterwords. You folks have a great night, and I'll see y'all tomorrow!

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