Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now announcing... Project: Memory

What is Project Memory? It's a video I'm making, entirely in Garry's Mod. It's a music video based on one of the most whacked-out songs out there. Just made sure to get that out of the way ASAP, so you don't go expecting some sort of feature-length, Godfather-level epic with million dollar production costs. Now then, as far as Project Memory goes as of this moment, 9.77 seconds of it have been filmed, and only 3.40 seconds of that is likely to be making the final cut. Other scenes will have to be redone or changed entirely. Yes, that's right, I said "scenes" when referring to ten seconds of video. This is no slow-dance song, my friends.

The script is roughly 1/8th complete. Yes, script. I am scripting each scene of this video, because I'm a freaking maniac. The current script makes it to the 31 second mark of the song, which in entirety will be nearly four minutes in length. For that first 31 seconds of video I have so far written out 13 mini-scenes. If I keep it up like this, there will probably be around 104 different scenes in the video, some of which will actually be rapid-fire images appearing to the beat of the song.

From reading the above, you're probably getting the impression that I won't just be slapping this together overnight. I'm not about to toss this onto Youtube without it being the best I believe I can make it. This won't be one of those slideshow videos or anything like that. There will be full-motion action in this video. Ragdolls will fly, camera angles will pan, and several things will explode. This is my first REAL Garry's Mod video I will ever make. A Combine Soldier Gets Down was made in Garry's Mod, yes, but it was more of a... Wait, what the hell was that video again? Anyways, all those errors you see in that video (Camera angle changing, life bar visible, etc.) will be absent in Project Memory. This video will be of the best quality I can possibly create.

Alright, after all this talk, you're probably wanting some sort of preview or teaser or something. Well... I don't really have anything to show just yet. I have one screenshot, ONE, that I'd be willing to show at this point. Keep in mind that the scene this screenshot is from will be re-filmed, and the health indicator at the bottom of the screen will not be visible in the final product.

So there you go, one crummy little shred of proof that I'm actually making this video and not baiting you all along. There's actually one part of the video that I'm quite proud of, but it's in motion, and of course, that's kind of hard to show off in a screenshot. When Project Memory is a little further along, a teaser video will be made. For now, though, the above is all I have to show. And yes, that is Frohman. It's somewhat justified in the context of the video, though, but I dare not say anymore for fear of spoiling the surprise.

Lastly, you're probably wondering about the title I've given it: "Project Memory". Sounds pretty serious for a video that's supposed to be so insane, yes? Don't worry, readers, it shall all become clear in the end... Now then, I bid you all goodnight. Be sure to sleep well, because I sure won't! Do it for me!

Rampant speculation on the video goes in the comment section, or this forum thread. Don't expect any hints from me, though!

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