Monday, May 18, 2009

Poll #89: "Will you be getting Punch-Out! on day one?" results, banner

"Yes, I have a pre-order" 0 votes (0%)
"Yes, but I don't have a pre-order" 4 votes (21%)
"No, I'll get it later" 9 votes (47%)
"No, I don't want it at all" 3 votes (15%)
"I'm not sure" 3 votes (15%)

I'm surprised more people aren't getting it at launch. Waiting for a price drop, maybe? On a related note, I probably won't be getting Punch-Out! until Thursday at the earliest. Darned "not having money when I need it". That guy really gets on my nerves.

For this week's banner, the subject is... Duh. I mean, what else would it be? Anyways, enjoy.

As for this week's poll, it's somewhat of the opposite of last week intent-to-buy sort of poll: "Did you buy Excitebots: Trick Racing?" It was recently said that this incredibly fun game only sold through 13,000 copies, which is a real shame. Were you one of the few that bought it?

And yeah, about last week... It was complete bullcrap, something I admit freely, so... Tomorrow. For sure, tomorrow. A review. I will bust my ass to do it, but you're getting a review tomorrow. And not something small like a DSiWare game. You're getting a review of a full-size, retail game, no matter what. I swear it.

Now then, to get some sleep, and then get cracking on the above ASAP!

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