Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poll #87: "Will E3 bring a new Zelda?" results, banner

"Definitely!" 1 votes (4%)
"Likely" 3 votes (12%)
"Unlikely" 14 votes (58%)
"Of course not!" 3 votes (12%)
"I haven't a clue" 3 votes (12%)

Can't say I'm surprised with these results, especially considering "A new Zelda at this E3? Don't count on it" was sitting right next to it for a solid day. Maybe I didn't think things through enough on that one...

This week's banner is brought to you by my renewed obsession with Team Fortress 2. It sort of comes and goes with me. Anyways, enjoy it, and please don't nibble on the HTML.

And as always, it's time for this week's poll, and we'll be taking a little trip back in time for it: "How did you react when you first heard the Wii name?" To be honest, I totally flipped out. I couldn't believe it. It sounded so stupid to me. It was as if Nintendo was admitting defeat with a completely ridiculous and moronic name. The press release associated with it said to give it time, absorb the new name, think it through, and then you'll start to like it. Yeah, right, I thought, Then maybe I'll learn to fly. Well, turns out one of the two came true, and since I'm not writing this from the upper atmosphere, I suppose you can figure out which it was. How did you react to this incredibly bizarre and unique name?

I'm seeing the next article showing up tomorrow night, maybe Wednesday at the latest. I've got a couple ideas floating about, but nothing actually started yet. In the meantime, feel free to gawk at the below image of Barack Obama if he were Scottish, one-eyed, constantly drunk, and prone to blowing things up. See y'all later!


The Video Game Addict said...

I didn't focus on the name: I was excited about what the controls could do.

After all, what's in a name?

PsychoDuck said...

@ The Video Game Addict:

I suppose I can agree with you on that. It was more the fact they tossed out the awesome-sounding "Revolution" in favour of... "Wii". Of course, looking back on it now, the name Revolution seems entirely ill-fitting of the product we have today. Something so different, so open to everyone, so against what everyone else is doing... I can think of no better name than one that isn't even a word. Why give an ordinary name to an extraordinary product?

WJUK said...

Back when it was first announced I didn't really care since the name wouldn't really change the core mechanics of the console. But to be honest, I sorta preferred "Revolution".

Oh and you'd think a duck could fly. ;)

PsychoDuck said...

My wings were clipped, okay? It's a sensitive topic with me ;)