Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poll #88: "How did you react when you first heard the Wii name?" results, banner

"I hated it!" 6 votes (21%)
"I wasn't too keen on it" 6 votes (21%)
"I didn't care either way" 8 votes (28%)
"I thought it was interesting" 4 votes (14%)
"I loved it right away!" 2 votes (7%)
"I don't remember/I don't know" 2 votes (7%)

Wow, a lot less people hated it at first than I thought. Not that it really would have mattered today. After all, the games are what make a console, not the name!

As for this week's banner... I have no idea what is going on here. This is what happens when you use Photoshop at 1:20 in the morning. I suppose at least the message is true, though.

Now then, for this week's poll: "Will you be getting Punch-Out! on day one?" I know I will be. Only problem is, "day one" in Canada is Wednesday, not Monday. Stupid national holiday messing with my game releases.

Well, I suppose I'll be heading to bed, then. I don't think I'll have an article up tomorrow, mostly because of a lack of solid ideas. On the bright side, I finished the script for Project: Memory today. I'll get it printed out tomorrow, and then I'll really get cracking on the filming. Early estimate for completion date: The weekend of May 23rd, if all goes well. It'd be sooner, but I prefer to give myself plenty of time, rather than rush. Hey, it might even be done before then, so who knows? Also, for a little bonus, here's one more little sneak-peek:

Anyways, goodnight, everyone! Sleep well, and make sure not to end up like poor Jill up there.


MushroomVigilante said...

That Jill sandwich sure looks scrumptious. *drools*

PsychoDuck said...

I've recently made a priority of replying to comments on the blog, but... I don't think I have anything I can say to that.