Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mini-article: Duck to the Future

Sorry, cheesy title. I couldn't resist! Also, this will be all for tonight. Gotta hit the sack soon...

Also, article #150! Yay!

I've done a lot of predicting in the past. A LOT of it. Of course, many of my predictions have been, well, WRONG (Star Fox Wii at E3 2007? Nope!). But I have been right a few times. Here are some instances when I managed to see the future (Not really).

Ike's presence in Brawl

Way back on the first of June, I wrote an article called "My thoughts on new Smash Bros. characters". In it, I predicted the presence of none other than Ike from Fire Emblem. And two months later, Ike joins the Brawl. Pretty cool, huh? Okay, so I really just overheard somebody else suggest Ike, but hey, I ran with it! To whomever I overheard: Good call, dude.

Mario Kart Wii to be shown at E3 2007

Okay, I totally hit the nail on the head with this one! Withing 24 hours of E3 2007's beginning, I predicted that Mario Kart Wii would be shown at the conference. And guess what? I was right, baby! Okay, so I was wrong about everything else in that article, but hey! I predicted Mario Kart Wii perfectly!

Also, I just noticed that Mario and Luigi are driving invisible karts in that picture posted above. How cool is that? Neato.

Dedede's presence in Brawl

Okay, I'll admit I was a little bit off with this one. I predicted that Dedede would be a boss, not a playable character. Close enough! He's in Brawl, so I nearly saw this one coming. I was this close, man! Also, this was all my idea. No help, no overhearing, no consultation firm of highly imaginative business men. All me!

So then, I can kind of predict things maybe! Sure, my accuracy is about 8%*, but still, it's something! Have you ever guessed something would happen, only to find your prediction come true? Let's hear some stories from you seers and clairvoyants, hmm?

*An entirely made up number. Math is totally lost on me!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Cameron said...

Nice predictions, PsychoDuck! I predicted that either Sonic or MegaMan's presence in Brawl would be unveiled at Nintendo of Japan's conference earlier this month, and would you look at that- Sonic has joined the Brawl! =P

WJUK said...

Lol! Love the MS Paint work!