Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Poll #14: "How do you feel about Super Smash Bros. Brawl being delayed?" results, banner, news

Sorry for it being a day late! Anywho, the poll results are in!

"NOOOO!!!" 4 votes (13%)
"Darn..." 4 votes (13%)
"Meh, I don't really care" 1 vote (3%)
"Whatever it takes to make Brawl great is fine by me" 20 votes (66%)
"It was delayed?" 1 vote (3%)

I'm glad so many people think so. Added time is just what's needed to make this game great. Without this delay, I doubt we'd be seeing much of an level editor in the final product, if at all!

This week's banner is by... Well, whaddya know, it's by me! Behind Smash, Mario Kart is probably my most anticipated title of 2008! Wanna submit a banner? Send it to my e-mail listed in the sidebar! Just make sure it's EXACTLY 760 pixels wide, and no taller than 300 pixels! And please, make sure it's appropriate.

There will be no article tomorrow. It's Halloween, and I'll be too busy snarfing down candy and watching movies to write. Back on Thursday!

Finally, make sure to vote in this week's poll, "How would you rate the Wii's current software library out of ten?"! Personally, I'd say it's an eight. There's a lot of great titles out there, but it's not amazing, yet. And some of the multi-platform games hitting the Wii are just pitiful... Hopefully third parties will clean up their act next year!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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