Saturday, October 20, 2007

What other games should get the Okami treatment?

Nothing big tonight. Still kinda stressed about my cat, even though she's fine. I mean, cash is gonna be tight for a while, so things are going to be rough for me. But I would pay even more just to have my cat safe, so I'm really not that upset. Troubled, maybe, but still happy that she's alright.

It was recently announced that last year's critically acclaimed PS2 title, Okami, will be making it's way to the Wii in Spring 2008. This got me thinking, what other games could benefit from a Wii makeover? If Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition was any sort of indication, Wii revisions of games can go very, very well. Here are two last-generation games I really think are perfect fits for the Wii.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

While many people would beg to differ, I found the game's titular item, the Wind Waker, to be quite the nifty little tool. While not quite an Ocarina, the Wind Waker was a somewhat musical instrument used for manipulating the direction of the wind to benefit sailing. Using a strange sort of metronome, players must point the Wind Waker in the proper direction with the rhythm to summon the gods and affect the wind, as well as perform some other manipulative functions. Imagine how much easier the Wii remote would make this! The Wind Waker would be in your very hands, and instead of pushing the analog stick in whichever direction, simply point the Wii remote at the edges of the screen! Sure, minor, but still pretty nifty, and far more engrossing.

Using the Wind Waker would become so much more natural
with the Wii remote.

Many of the weapons could also receive Twilight Princess-style upgrades. The Hero's Bow, the boomerang, the grappling hook, all of it would be controlled exclusively by the Wii remote. They could also add in a few Wii-remote specific puzzles and mini-games, as well as enable the Tingle Tuner to be used with a DS instead of a GBA.

Add a few new levels and a value price to that, and we've got a monster of a port on our hands!

Super Mario Sunshine

The eco-friendly Super Mario Sunshine would also be a great fit for the Wii's unique controller. As expected, the Wii remote would control Mario's water-spraying backpack, F.L.U.D.D. Instead of how things were in the original version of the game, the freedom of the Wii remote would allow players to both move and use F.L.U.D.D at the same time. Before you had to stop moving in order to aim, but that would be no more on the Wii!

F.L.U.D.D would work great with the Wii remote.

The only problem is, camera control would have to take a back seat. Camera manipulation would primarily be handled by the game itself, rotating and panning to fit the situation. If the players ever feel the need for a more direct touch, a button would be held, and the Wii remote's functions would switch from F.L.U.D.D to camera manipulation.

Of course, as with any good port, there'd be the addition of new puzzles, secrets and areas. And all at a budget price! Who could argue with that?

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