Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More ideas for Smash Bros. characters

Sequel to this article. Yeah, it's another sequel. I go with what works, alright? Also, the first two characters are entirely serious. The third? Yeah... Not so much...

As it stands now, there are two different third party characters in Brawl, each from a different developer. Konami brought us Solid Snake and SEGA gave us the long-awaited Sonic the Hedgehog. What other companies will be lending their characters to the Brawl? What other fighters can we expect come February 10th? Here are a few I've been pondering.

Capcom has given Nintendo many an amazing game, from Phoenix Wright to Resident Evil 4 to Mega man. I already covered the anime lawyer in the first volume of this article, rumblings of Leon Kennedy and such are already too common, and people just won't shut up about the Blue Bomber, so I've thought up one other possible newcomer.

This is such an obvious choice, it's a wonder that nobody else has mentioned it: Street Fighter's Ryu. Having originated in a fighting game, Ryu's attacks would be really quite natural. Punch, kick, jump, whatever, it's all there, and it's all so fitting for the Brawl. He would go well with other more realistic characters such as Solid Snake and Ike, and the contrast with more cartoony fighters such as Pikachu and Sonic is bound to be hilarious! His trademark stage could resemble that of a typical Street Fighter level, and as for his Final Smash? One word: HADOKEN!!! Ryu is a natural fit for Brawl, and I'm very excited at the possibilities! If he makes it in, I'll be one hell of a happy duck!

I touched on the possibility of a Square-Enix character back in the first iteration of my character articles. But now, I've thought up another!

Okay, maybe some other people have mentioned this as a possibility. In fact, I'd be surprised if they haven't! But I personally have never heard anything of the sort, so this idea is ALL MINE!! Anyways, Sora would also work very well in Brawl. Also, having appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, he's eligible to appear in Brawl since he's been on a Nintendo system before. Sora would, of course, fight using his Keyblade and some low-level magic. His fighting style would be comparable to that of Roy from Melee, making a good replacement for the unlikely-to-return veteran. His Final Smash would probably involve a sort of "Friendship" move with Donald and Goofy, possibly summoning iconic Disney characters such as Simba, Genie and Stitch. Yeah, licensed material isn't exactly welcomed in the Smash universe, but hey, about a year and a half ago, neither were third-party characters, so who knows what might happen?

The name Atlus has become synonymous with import titles as of late. From Luminous Arc to Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja to Contact, Atlus has localized many games in North America. A console which seems to get a lot of their games is the Nintendo DS, and the Wii is starting to see the same trend. Thusly, there's a distinct possibility of an Atlus character making it into Brawl! Here's one you may or may not have thought of...

"Paging doctor Stiles! You're requested in Smash Bros. Brawl STAT!" Derek Stiles would certainly be one hell of a unique character! Instead of fighting with fists or kicks, he'd use exaggerated and over-sized medical tools to do his bidding! Scalpels, surgical lasers, forceps... In the hospital these tools are for saving lives, but in Brawl their purpose would be to send victims to the emergency room! I can just imagine Dr. Stiles taking a run at Link wielding and waving around a giant syringe like a raving mad man! The hilarity writes itself! And as for his Final Smash? Well, it's only natural that it be the Healing Touch! Despite it's name, the Healing Touch really slows down time to a near stop, allowing Derek to perform delicate and precise procedures in the blink of an eye. In Brawl? I'm seeing the Healing Touch freezing all who stand on the battlefield, and Derek going into an uncontrolled rage, heavily damaging all who get in his way! And you thought doctors were supposed to be level-headed! Ha! Not this one! He's got a PHD in PAIN!!!

So there you have it, three characters who would be sure to really mix things up in Brawl! Now, I'm not asking that all of these characters be added, of course. That would take away from the greatness that is Nintendo character beating the crap out of each other! But hey, a little Ryu here, a touch of Dr. Stiles there, and WHAM! Things get even more out of control than ever before!

What do you think of my choices? Also, who would you like to see join the Brawl?

The Duck Has Spoken.

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