Friday, October 12, 2007

Mini-article: Nintendo is about more than just videogames

Heya, this is a mini-article. Just something I had to say. I might make up a longer article later, and I might not, so don't freak if this is all you get, okay? I need to get my sleep for bowling tomorrow!

PS: Never thought you'd see pre-article comments again? WELL YOU WERE WRONG.

So today I went out to run a little errand. Needed to go reserve Super Mario Galaxy before it was too late, and I wasn't doing much, so hey, what the heck. Anyways, after the pre-order, I decided to go to the Wal-Mart next to the EBGames to browse around a bit. Once finishing my usual combing of the electronics section, I went over to the toy department for a minute. And that's when it hit me: Nintendo isn't just about games any more.

Merchandising! Everywhere! Big Brain Academy board game, Pokemon plush dolls, Mario Kart racetracks! Nintendo isn't just a game company, it's a cultural phenomenon! Two or three years ago, you'd at most see a plush doll or action figure of your favorite game character. Nowadays, you can hardly go down a toy aisle without seeing at least three different products!

The Mario Kart racing set that had so taken my attention

Nintendo's nearly cornered the gaming market. Their next goal? NintenToys!!!

The Duck Has Spoken.


LipeCau said...

That track is actually just like Smash Brother's Mario Kart stage we saw on the trailer. :P

Anonymous said...

They used to have nintendo cereal. They've always been about other products.

Anonymous said...

where the hell have you been? nintendo toys were everywhere in the early 90's, then they came back in the late 90's.

you could even buy mario bedsheets!