Monday, January 14, 2008

Poll #22: "Are you going to use the forums?" results, banner

"I've already signed up!" 17 votes (38%)
"Yes, but I haven't signed up" 3 votes (6%)
"Maybe, I'm not sure" 9 votes (20%)
"Probably not" 5 votes (11%)
"Absolutely not" 3 votes (6%)
"Wait... There's a forum?" 7 votes (15%)

Well, it's good to see that the forums have been received so well! In fact, there's already been over 680 posts! So if you haven't joined yet, why not register today?

This week's banner comes from forum member WJUK. Sure, it doesn't pertain to any particular video game, but dang it, that duck is wearing shades! Excellent work, man.

Do you want to submit a banner? Well, if you're registered on the forums, just click here, read the specifications and post your banner! You can still e-mail your banner to me via, if you prefer. Just make sure you follow the guidelines, and it's okay either way!

Finally, make sure to vote on this week's poll, "What so-far announced 2008 game are you most looking forward to?"! I have a feeling a certain Wii fighter is going to be winning this poll...

Alright then! New article in a bit!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Had to give my vote to Mario Kart, since someone forgot to put up a certain diving sim for the Wii...

PsychoDuck said...

I didn't forget Endless Ocean, I just didn't think that many people were excited for it! I thought I was the only one :P

Well, that's what "Other" is for...

The Duck Has Spoken.