Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Babbling

I can't think of anything substantial to write tonight, so here's a series of near-incoherent mini-rants. Some may not even be related to gaming, so watch out.

-Why are so many Playstation 3 games so darn short? Seriously, a Blu-Ray disc has about 60GB of storage space, plenty of room for an epically long game. Yet Heavenly Sword and Uncharted (Two heavily anticipated games) came up short in the longevity department. They couldn't have possibly filled up 60GB of space with graphics, physics and such, so extra play was certainly a possibility. Why the shortness?

-What's with all the gun shells for the Wii remote? I've seen over twenty different models so far. Really, I think anybody who wanted one has bought it by now. You can stop making them!

-How come almost no companies upload their commercials to Youtube? Seriously, that's free advertising right there. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and a FREE Youtube account. You spend a few thousand bucks on a commercial, you can take five minutes to put it online.

-Why don't more games have "Screenshot" functions? Unless you're playing on a computer with your handy "Print Screen" button, there's rarely any chance for screen grabs. Metroid Prime 3 sported such a feature, but even then it had to be unlocked. What the heck?

-Somewhat in relation to the above: Why can't we send images from a Wii to an e-mail address? Would that harm the universe in some way? Even if a screenshot feature is in a game, there's no way to send it to anything but another Wii.

-Why can't we send Virtual Console gifts to people in other countries? If the game we wish to send to the other person is available in their region, what's the difference? It's not like we're stealing your money or anything, since (With exchange rates) the points all cost the same. And divided by countries? What about all my American buddies? No Super Mario Bros. 3 for little Billy of New York? You know, that little kid I just made up? What about him? DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT LITTLE BILLY?!?!

-Why must LEGO and video games both be so expensive? Why can't I have a cheap hobby? LEGO and Nintendo need to get together and decide who needs to drop their prices. Seriously. It could be done. They'll just meet at whatever point is directly between Japan and Denmark, so as to avoid home field advantage.

-This article is going are far longer than I'd expected. Why won't I hit post? Why can't I be satisfied with what's been written? Oh, to hell with it! I need my sleep.

The Duck Has Spoken.


alexanderpas said...

LEGO Star Wars = LEGO + Videogames

PsychoDuck said...

Dear god YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...

ACUTALLY~! You CAN send VC games to people in other countries!

Short answer: Change your country to the same one that the person you want to give the game to is in.

Long answer: First, in the Wii Menu (the start-up screen), click the circular button labeled "Wii" in the lower left corner. Go to "Wii Settings". After that, go to the last page and click "Select Country". You'll be able to select any country you want, even if you don't actually live there. While I haven't tried it myself, I would assume that if say... if a Canadian member changed their country to "USA", they would be able to send and recieve gifts from someone in the USA. To use the internet again, you must agree to the terms of service again. I re-did my internet connection as well, but I'm not sure if one really has to do that.

No, your Wii Points will NOT dissapear.

PsychoDuck said...

I've heard of the Anonymous, but that shouldn't be necessary. Wii owners should be able to do that without messing around with their regional settings. It should be available without any work.