Monday, January 28, 2008

Poll #24: "What do you think of the latest Brawl delay?" results, banner, news

Make sure to check the bottom of this article for important schedule news. Now then, poll results!

"This is one delay too many" 5 votes (11%)
"Well, poop. I'll deal, though." 17 votes (37%)
"I don't really care" 2 votes (4%)
"Whatever it takes, man." 20 votes (44%)
"It was delayed again?" 0 votes (0%)
"I'm not sure what to think." 1 vote (2%)

It was pretty much a sure thing that most people would be bummed about this. But at least it's still coming!


So, this week's banner is from forum member Zapster. As you can plainly see, the theme is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Quite fitting, considering it's premiering in Japan within the next three days. And I have to wait until March...

As always, you can submit a banner via this thread on the forums, or you can e-mail it directly to me using the address listed in the sidebar. Just make sure you follow the guidelines listed on the forums, and all's good!

Make sure to vote on this week's poll, "About how many hours of gaming do you get each week?"! If I had to guess, I'd say more than 50 hours a week. Between my DS, Wii and PC, there's just so much to play!

Now, here's the news I was talking about before. I will NOT be posting on Wednesday, January the 30th. It is my birthday, and I plan on spending the day with my family. I will be back as usual on Friday!

Okay, there should be an article up in a bit. Might not be anything huge, though.

EDIT: Sorry, nothing today. It's nearly 3 AM, I'm incredibly tired, and I couldn't think up a decent article topic to save my life. I'm gonna have to pass tonight. I might write something up tomorrow instead, but for now, I need my sleep.

Sorry, folks.

The Duck Has Spoken.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Had to go with the 50, but you know what I do, so...

Thinking back on my answer to the last poll, I think the delay was certainly a good thing - all this early footage out of Japan is already making Brawl seem like GotY material...and I'm not even that much of a Super Smash Bros. fan!