Monday, April 7, 2008

Behold! More Animal Crossing Wii ideas

It's that time again...

So, another month has passed, and still no word on Animal Crossing Wii. Time for more ideas!

Custom Music

K.K Slider's music is great and all, but what if we could play our own custom music in Animal Crossing Wii? All we'd have to do is load our favourite tunes onto an SD card, pop it in the Wii, and bam! Instant personalized music. All the player would have to do is go to a musical item in their house and choose the "Custom Music" option from a menu. Then they could cycle through their MP3s in the same fashion to choosing a K.K Slider song.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a little Weird Al Yankovic or Yakety Sax in my Animal Crossing... And perhaps a bit of Portal goodness in the form of Still Alive? Sounds good to me!


If there's one annoying thing I remember about the original Animal Crossing, it's that villagers would occasionally blather on about some amazing new soccer/ballet/swimming/etc. club they just formed, and they'd ask you to join. Of course, it doesn't really matter what you say, because the club doesn't even exist.

But what if it did? These clubs could be created by villagers or players, with themes ranging from treasure hunting to gardening. Every week on a specific day (Say, Saturday, for example), you and your fellow club members would meet, discuss what you're going to do, and head off. The treasure hunting club would revolve around looking for Gyroids, fossils, seashells and whatnot, bringing them back and adding them to a central club collection with everyone else's finds. The gardening club would entail the leader handing out flower seeds and saplings to the members to go around and plant wherever they please, beautifying the village. You could even have flower-watering competitions, with club members fighting to water more flowers than anyone else.

Do you think this is an awesome idea? Join the club, we have imaginary T-shirts.

Tree Houses

Look at all those trees scattered across your village. Other than fruit, furniture and the occasional beehive, those trees really don't do all that much. But what if you could put a tree house in one of them? Like your home away from home, your more elevated house could be placed in any tree anywhere in your village. Players could take some nice old furniture and put it up in their new real estate, giving them a new place to call their own.

To make things fair, the tree on which the tree house is built would be immune to axes. It just wouldn't be fair if some jerk thought it fun to chop down your second home, would it?

Each player would get to have one tree house in their town, and only the player who owns the house would be able to place or remove objects within it. So really, it's like you have an additional room to cram all your stuff. But I don't think it's really intended to be used as storage...

Pattern restrictions

Don't you hate it when someone comes along over Wi-Fi and tears up your meticulously-placed sidewalk? Well, worry no more, because in my vision of Animal Crossing Wii, only the player who placed the pattern can remove it. Also, to avoid the obligatory pornographic patterns you're sure to come across, visitors would be forbidden to place patterns in a foreign town.

A point-and-click control scheme

If you've played Animal Crossing: Wild World, you probably know about the touch screen controls available to be used. Animal Crossing Wii would also take advantage of its home console's unique controls, adding a point-and-click navigation option. In addition to moving around with the analog stick, players would have the choice of simply pointing where they want to go and pressing A.

If a player is playing with the Nunchuk and Wii remote configuration, they could use a combination of the two control schemes, switching between pointer and analog control on the fly. If the player only has a Wii remote on hand, it goes without saying that the point-and-click control scheme would be the only available option. And could some Gamecube and Classic controlling work it's way in? Hey, I wouldn't be opposed. The more options, the merrier!

So, yet again, another month as passed with no word on Animal Crossing Wii, so I have written up some more ideas. I sure hope I don't have to go another month without information! Perhaps Thursday's press conference will shed some light on this elusive title...

Alright! Feel free to talk about the article (Or post your own ideas) in the comment section or this forum thread.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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