Monday, April 28, 2008

Poll #37: "Which of the following Wii game ideas sounds best to you?" results, banner

"Luigi's Mansion 2" 13 votes (33%)
"Pikmin 3" 7 votes (17%)
"Kid Icarus" 9 votes (23%)
"A proper Pokémon RPG" 9 votes (23%)
"I don't know" 1 vote (2%)

Wow, I'm really surprised to see that Kid Icarus didn't come out on top. I didn't think so many people other than me wanted a Luigi's Mansion 2! Also, you can add one more vote to the winner, since my sister just told me she'd have voted for Luigi's Mansion 2 if she could. Every vote counts, whether you got there on time or not! (Don't tell that to the US government...)

As for this week's banner, it is, of course, Mario Kart Wii. Yeah, so it's the third Mario Kart Wii banner I've done this year. But is that so wrong? The Mario Kart series consists of some of the only games that are played throughout a whole generation, so the latest installment deserves this attention. I've been playing Mario Kart DS since 2005, and I honestly think I'll be playing Mario Kart Wii for a comparable amount of time.

And that leaves this week's poll: "Would you buy a new DS model if it were released this year?" Rumours have been running rampant about another DS redesign coming out this year, so I'm wondering just how many of you would plunk down the cash for it, hypothetically. Personally, I'd bite, but mostly because of the sorry shape my DS Lite is currently in. Of course, if the redesign sucks for some reason, I'll just buy another Lite on the cheap. But I doubt that'll happen.

Tonight's article should be up soon!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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