Monday, June 2, 2008

Poll #42: "Which Wii Channel do you use the least?" results, banner, article delay

"Disc Channel" 1 vote (2%)
"Mii Channel" 0 votes (0%)
"Forecast Channel" 6 votes (12%)
"Shop Channel" 0 votes (0%)
"Photo Channel" 10 votes (20%)
"News Channel" 11 votes (22%)
"Check Mii Out/Mii Contest Channel" 6 votes (12%)
"Nintendo Channel" 2 votes (4%)
"Internet Channel" 3 votes (6%)
"Everybody Votes Channel" 6 votes (12%)
"I don't know" 2 votes (4%)
"I don't have a Wii" 1 vote (2%)

Wow, someone actually uses the Disc Channel less than anything else? I guess they just don't have many games...

So, this week's banner comes courtesy of... Me! Yeah, the subject for this one came out of nowhere. At first it was going to be a celebratory banner due to last week's first year anniversary, and then it was going to be about birds in gaming, and then it was about Pokémon, and now it's about the dark side of Pokémon. I guess it's somewhat suitable considering the recent announcement of Pokémon Platinum, but really, it's mostly just to look cool. I think it pulls that off rather nicely, too. Oh, and it case you didn't keep up with the anime back in the day, that's Mewtwo on the left. He's just wearing a suit designed by Giovanni to control the cloned Pokémon's powers. Needless to say, the suit doesn't stay on him forever...

This week's poll topic is "Which generation of Pokémon was your favourite?". I don't mean just game mechanics or character design, I mean overall. Take everything into account and say which was your favourite. To be honest, I really can't decide... I think it's a tie between Diamond/Pearl and Red/Blue/Yellow...

So, about the words "article delay" in the post title... Well, to put it simply, it's a long article I have planned, and it's already past midnight. I think it's best I turn in early today and tackle that one at full force tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but I do believe it will make the end product better. Jeez, I sound like Miyamoto...

Okay, then! I'll be sure to get working on the article ASAP tomorrow! Until then, keep on gaming, folks.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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World 1-1 said...

Dude it's either R/B/Y or Silver and Gold for me! I loved those games and the pokemon! Man those were the days... sigh...