Monday, June 23, 2008

Poll #45: "Which upcoming Wii game are you most looking forward to?" results, banner, Pokémon Week

"The Conduit" 10 votes (28%)
"Spore" 13 votes (37%)
"Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers" 2 votes (5%)
"Sonic Unleashed" 1 votes (2%)
"I'm still waiting for Brawl, dammit!" 4 votes (11%)
"Other" 3 votes (8%)
"I don't know" 2 votes (5%)

I can't say I'm surprised to see those two games taking the top spots. After all, Spore comes from the brilliant mind of Will Wright, and The Conduit looks to be the best Wii shooter this side of Metroid Prime 3! Although I must say that this list is a little disappointing. If these are the only big titles in store for us, we may be in trouble. E3 had better bring a whole bunch of awesome news with it!

With this week's banner comes a special little announcement: Starting today and lasting until Friday's update is Pokémon Week! I recently had a flood of ideas for Pokémon-related articles, so hey, why not? This week will include at least one Pokémon game review (Although I'm hoping for two), so it's going to be an interesting five days. As for the banner itself, here ya go:

I tried to cram in as many Pokémon as I possibly could, and I think I did a fairly decent job. I tried to make one letter look like it was a transformed Ditto, but it didn't really work out as I hoped. Oh well, at least there's the obligatory Voltorb "O". And yeah, I just noticed that Tentacool is almost entirely covering the "K" in "Duck's". Oh well, I assume everyone will still know where they are without that letter being entirely visible. If they don't, I have no idea how they managed to live this long.

This week's poll shall also be Pokémon-related, with the question being "If you lived in the Pokémon world, what would you be?". I'd really have to go with trainer here. I wouldn't be able to resist getting my very own Bulbasaur.

Alrighty, Pokémon Week's first article will be up in an hour or two!

...or three... I'm terrible at keeping on track.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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