Monday, June 16, 2008

Games that have been eating my life as of late

Games are carnivorous, it would seem.

PS: I reset the poll at about midnight Toronto time. Forgot to add a couple obvious choices to the list. Please re-vote if you did so before the reset. Sorry for the trouble, if any.

If you're reading this, chances are you've played a game or two today. While some games we pick up and fool around with casually, others seem to suck us in and won't let go. They wrench our very life force from our mortal bodies and devour our lives in the most pleasant way possible. As of now, I'm dealing with three such games, giving me quite the handful to pay attention to.

Garry's Mod

Now, as you can see above, Eli Vance is about to eat everything. No, this isn't a scene that was cut out of Half-Life 2. It's the result of insane tomfoolery in Garry's Mod, a unique program that allows unskilled players to mess around with the advanced physics engine in the Source engine, leading to monstrosities such as the scene you see above. Basically, you can take anything you want from any Source engine game on your computer and screw around with it in pretty much every conceivable manner. The amount of abilities given to the player is insane. Wheels, thrusters, rope, buttons, vehicles, rag dolls, and so very much more. This is paradise for a those with over-creative minds, making it a perfect fit for your's truly.

So over the last little while, I've been obsessed with building planes out of monorail cars, buildings out of shipping containers and jet-powered vehicles out of whatever I can get my virtual hands on. Playing it online is the best part for me. Getting to see some of the things the pros think up is amazing. I've seen advanced elevators, cars built from scratch and functional nuclear bombs in my time online, and I just know there's so much more to experience. Now, if I could just figure out how to work those darned proximity sensors...

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Now, just in case you can't tell, I love Animal Crossing. Thusly, Wild World has been devouring my life as of late. I recently got back into it, picking up on the same town I've had since December 25th, 2005. Picking through all the weeds was worth it, though.

It had been so long since I last played it, I forgot how amazing the game was. I really feel like I know my neighbours, and it really sucks when they move out or get sick. Thusly, I must stick around to keep things in order! Walker needs medicine? I'm on it! Right after that, I'll dig up the fossils, pick the coconuts, talk to everyone, check out the Able Sister's shop, go fishing...

I don't know why Animal Crossing is so darned addictive. Maybe it's the feeling that if you aren't there, it'll all go wrong. But it somehow manages to make this obligation entertaining. I don't know what Nintendo did or how they did it, I just hope they do it all again very soon!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

'Allo, what's all this, then? Well, in case you missed that little part of the latest poll results, I picked this up on Friday. Unlike the critics, I really enjoyed the first entry in the series, and I was more than willing to give the next installment a go. With 108 more Pokémon, a brand-new world and online features, I had a feeling I'd be in for a treat. And whaddya know, I was right.

Sure, it's a bit of a slow game, but that's okay with me. And yeah, it strays from the established Pokémon type advantage table slightly, but hey, it's all for a good reason. Finally, I won't deny the cheese-factor of the storyline (Nor will I ignore how similar it is to the last). But still, it's fun, and I always feel like going back for more. Even as I type this I'm getting the urge to go and try to take down the next dungeon. If only I'd stop getting slaughtered by those "monster house" rooms, perhaps I'd stand a chance... Oh well, I suppose practice makes perfect. Granted, this practice will involve a lot of dying...

So, those are the three games currently feasting on my livelihood. What titles are eating up your time as of now, if any? Feel free to say what game you've been glued to in the comments section, or in the forum thread for this article.

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