Monday, June 30, 2008

Poll #46: "If you lived in the Pokémon world, what would you be?" results, banner, 300th post

So, the time has finally come. What you are reading right now is the 300th post to be published on One Duck's Opinion. Sure, about 50 of those are probably me whining about not having anything to write, but shush. The point is, I have published 300 posts here, which is a lot. Somewhat of a pity this didn't happen back when the "SPARTA!" joke was more relevant, but oh well. I got to graft Psyduck's head onto the body of Leonidas, and that's gotta count for something.

Back to business, then...

"A Pokémon trainer" 18 votes (69%)
"A Pokémon breeder" 1 vote (3%)
"A Pokémon contest competitor" 0 votes (0%)
"A Pokémon doctor" 1 vote (3%)
"I'd be a Pokémon" 2 votes (7%)
"A normal person" 2 votes (7%)
"Other" 1 vote (3%)
"I don't know" 1 vote (3%)

Really, is anyone surprised at these results? Being a Pokémon trainer is just too amazing an opportunity to pass up. Well, unless you're one of the people who voted otherwise. I suppose I can see the interest in the other choices, but dammit, I want a Bulbasaur!

This week's banner comes to us from forum member Camieman10. The subject? Luigi! Why? Because he's awesome! Moving on...

Alrighty, that just leaves the matter of this week's poll: "Who's your favourite female Nintendo character?" I just gotta go with Samus on this one. After all, she's just about the only one who doesn't end up getting captured in every single game. Super Princess Peach? ...nope, never heard of it.

Alrighty, then. New article will be up in a little while.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer Waluigi! :D