Monday, October 27, 2008

Poll #62: "Do you think Rare will make any more games for the DS?" results, banner, last week recap

"Yes" 8 votes (28%)
"Maybe" 9 votes (32%)
"No" 1 votes (3%)
"I have no idea" 10 votes (35%)

I've so far found that Rare puts a good amount of effort into their DS games, and I'm very excited at the thought of more coming down the line. Come on, Rare, let's see some more DS goodness! Can I hear a "yes" on Banjo Kazooie DS remakes?

This week's banner is from forum member ryanrab1, and it's in celebration of Grand Theft Auto IV's upcoming PC release. I had an absolute BLAST playing this game on my cousin's 360, and I can't wait to pop it into my PC!

Now, about last week. As you can tell from my previous post, it was set to be a pretty insane five days. It certainly met my expectations, to say the least. Monday and Tuesday were full of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, and Wednesday was just about as life-derailing as having someone cleaning out your cupboards can be (Which, actually, wasn't that much). Thursday was the craziest day of the bunch, but actually quite far from the worst. Besides the hectic nature of shuffling the cats about, Thursday was actually quite fun! We spent the whole day at my cousin's house, playing various games on his 360 and having a generally good time. Not bad at all! As for Friday, it was pretty uneventful besides the cat's appointment. She actually didn't do too badly at the vet, but she's probably still going to be put down sometime this week. Not an easy thing to go through, but it's for the best...

Alright, enough of my personal blathering, let's get back to business here. This week's poll is appropriately Halloween themed, with the question being "Have you ever gone Trick or Treating as a video game character?" I kinda went as Ash Ketchum once waaaaaay back, but that's as close as I ever got. So... No, I never did. I should have, though! How about you?

Alrighty, new article will be up in a little bit.

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