Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nintendo needs to let third parties make Wii Channels

This just popped into my head, and I had to write it down.

Looking at the current state of the Wii Menu and its available channels, I'm pleased, but not near satisfied yet. I know a lot more could be done with this unique interface, and yet we've so far seen it used for nothing truly amazing. We keep asking for Nintendo to add this and that to the Wii Channels, make it so we can do this, and so on. Then I realized, why must Nintendo do all this? Why can't third parties get in on the action?

I can imagine a whole slew of new applications hitting the Wii Channels section in the Shop Channel. From a small DVD-playing application to a music channel of sorts, I can see third parties bringing a lot of new ideas and features to the Wii. Why won't Nintendo allow this?

I see no logic at all in Nintendo making all the channels themselves. It would be just like the way WiiWare works. Third parties make their software, submit it to Nintendo for approval, and they add it to the Shop Channel whenever they see fit. There's really nothing else to it.

I'm imagining a Wii menu filled with third party channels, and it's an amazing thing. Podcast channels, e-book channels, image board channels (For posting Photo Channel doodles), plus the two channels mentioned above... It'd be awesome! What's more, these channels are just from me thinking for two minutes; Imagine what a group of developers could think up! The possibilities are fantastic!

Come on, Nintendo. Why so uptight? Letting third parties in on the action would be a brilliant move, and it would in no way negatively effect you! Working with Opera on the Internet Channel doesn't count, Nintendo. You gotta let the third parties loose on making Wii Channels, and watch the awesome ideas just roll on in. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain! After all, those channels won't be free...

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Fandomocity (from Nintendo Pipeline) said...

Duck, I STRONGLY agree with you on this, I actually read an article saying the Wii WOULD play dvds almsot 3 months before it came out. Two years after it comes out, I finally find one in stock! Then I'm left thinking, "Wait, there's no dvd app, why does it not run this dvd? How does Nintendo gossip about a feature and then completely eradicate it?!?!?!?

-Fellow Enthusiast Kirby2 (Fandomocity)