Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Was the DSi rushed?

The article originally scheduled for today will have to wait until Friday. Until then, here's a little something else. And when I say "little", I mean it. At least I don't end up rambling... Again...

I've been looking at the impending launch of the DSi, and I'm starting to think that Nintendo wasn't quite ready to release it just yet. No, it's not because of any obvious flaw with the console or anything. It's because of the lack of something any new handheld should have:

New games.

It's been said that the DSi will use the cameras in specially designed software, but so far we've heard of no such games. No word on a Mario Paint with image-importing abilities, no word on any new sort of crazy innovative game, no nothing. In fact, as of now, I think the only game they've shown that seems to be DSi-exclusive is the new WarioWare, mainly due to the amount of space it may take up to save user-created stages (Complete with custom art, rules and layout, these may grow to quite substantial sizes). My guess is that WarioWare will rely on the DSi's internal memory for such functions, making it the only currently-known DSi title.

I think that the complete lack of any software exclusive to the DSi is a huge sign that Nintendo rushed the DSi out. I think the hardware was finalized and tucked away, but Nintendo wasn't expecting DS Lite sales to drop so quickly, causing them to release the DSi sooner than expected. Thus, no enhanced games are going to be available for the DSi at launch. That is, unless a game we already have has some sort of hidden DSi content, but I doubt that.

If I had to guess what Nintendo's actual expected DSi release date would have been, I'm going to have to say mid to late 2009. After all, that's the current North American release date, and their handhelds tend to launch around the same time globally. So, maybe it won't be such a bad thing waiting until late next year for the DSi. Maybe we'll at least get some new games with it. Hey, it can't hurt to hope!

What do you think? Was the DSi rushed, or did Nintendo always plan on releasing it now, with enhanced games being considered an afterthought? Speak your mind in the comment section, or this forum thread.

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