Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Press conference predictions

Well, the press conference starts in a little more than two hours. It's almost here, folks! We know a few things are pretty much sure to happen, but what about the specifics? We know that there's likely to be a franchise revival, but what could it be? Here's my thoughts on all this and more.

First off, as everyone can expect, Nintendo will likely blather on for a bit about sales or whatever. Hey, it's only natural. They are a business, after all. After this, though, I expect the real interesting stuff to begin (Listed in no particular order).

I'm nearly positive we'll see that new DS in some form, even if it's as minor as Nintendo saying that the rumoured functions are true. They may not show off glamour shots of it, but I'm fairly sure they'll mention it in some way.

As for the franchise revival we're all expecting, I'm leaning towards three series: Kid Icarus, Punch Out!, and Pilotwings. First of all, I'm saying Kid Icarus because rumours have been going nuts about it ever since the Wii was first released. Second, I'm naming Punch Out! because of the fact that the controls are downright perfect for a revival, and Wii Sports: Boxing proved this. Nintendo would be foolish to not recognize the potential in a Punch Out! Wii. Finally, Pilotwings is getting a mention because of the Wii Sports: Airplane demo shown waaaay back in 2006. This game looked chock-full of potential, and I have a fairly good feeling Nintendo's been working on this in the shadows, on and off, ever since then. Also, it's just about as casual-friendly as you can get. What's stopping them from cashing in?

Another thing I'm seeing happening is some sort of solution to the infamous Wii Fridge issue. Hard drive, announcing SD card direct-play, or even that crazy holographic storage are likely to show up tonight. Let's just hope it happens, because I'm sick of cleaning out the fridge on a weekly basis.

Next up, I'm expecting Nintendo to announce some new Wii Channel. What could it be? Heck if I know. A music-playing channel? Some sort of new software to interact with the next DS? Or maybe they'll finally address all the requests for folders in which to sort channels into?

How about another game announcement or two? Not necessarily a "revival", but a sequel to a currently-ongoing franchise. New Star Fox, anyone? Personally, I could go for another dose of Luigi's Mansion. A new Pokémon Snap would really hit the spot, too!

Of course, I'm not expecting all of this to happen. However, I'm fairly sure at least half will go down tonight. The only way to know for sure, though, is to wait!

As for tomorrow's conference in California, I'm seeing what is basically a rehash of tonight's conference, all in English, with any announced release dates being adjusted for North America. No more. It wouldn't make sense to have it any other way, though, would it?

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