Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poll #60: "Are you ready for a new DS?" results, banner

"Yes! Gimme gimme!" 16 votes (48%)
"Sounds cool, I guess" 5 votes (15%)
"I don't know..." 1 vote (3%)
"Too soon!" 5 votes (15%)
"I just got a DS Lite, for crying out loud!" 6 votes (18%)

Well, it seems most people are ready to make the jump to a new system. Good thing, too, considering Nintendo confirmed the rumours by announcing the DSi!

Speaking of which, this week's banner features three of the biggest announcements to come out of last week's conference: The DSi, Punch-Out!, and Sin and Punishment 2. I had to use some Brawl trophy renders for them, though, considering no official art has been released yet. So Little Mac's hair is black and Saki's all low-poly. Nothing I can do!

That just leaves this week's banner: "What do you think of the DSi?" Personally, I'm pretty happy with it, but not 100% blown-away. What about you folks?

Alrighty, tonight's article will be up soon... I guess.


Kyle said...

Very awesome banner, one of your best yet. What program do you use? Paint, Photoshop?

email: kylehogg@gmail.com

PsychoDuck said...

I use Photoshop. I'm glad you like it :D

The Duck Has Spoken.