Sunday, September 16, 2007

Enter the lair of the duck

Okay, after much delay, it's here. Pictures of my humble abode!

Ever wonder where the faceless authors of the internet live? Ever find yourself imagining what the houses of the gamers you've never met are like? Well, here's one gamer you can cross off the list. Behold, for the first time ever, the lair of the duck!

First of all, the computer I'm writing from. Nothing really worth bragging about specs-wise, but hey, it gets the job done. Usually. On the shelf above the monitor, you can see a lamp, the case for the camera, my duck clock, two pictures of my cat Scat (R.I.P), two batteries and my MP3 player.

About the duck clock, it actually quacks when the alarm goes off. My sister saw this during her trip to Niagara Falls, and she couldn't help but grab it for me. I'd rather wake up to quacking than a beeping alarm clock any day!

In front of the computer, you can see my DS, a DS game case, a DS case with a TV remote on top of it, my wireless adapter, mouse and SD card reader. There's also a phone beside the monitor and a roll of toilet paper on top (For wiping my nose and such, cleaning cat barf, whatever).

Then we have the keyboard with the peeling veneer. Classy. Below that is a bunch of magazines (Nintendo Power, Reader's Digest, stuff like that), a couple of PC games and other random stuff. Oh, and a CPU, but it's not like I had to point that out.

Wondering about what's going on with the PC screen? It's my King of All Cosmos screen saver. He's saying "The King Has Spoken"! Next pic...

This here's my dresser. Got my TV, NES, N64 and PSX sitting up there. Also a VCR, alarm clock and a fan. The fan's the only thing on top of the TV that actually works, but oh well.

There's also a Brian Griffin doll and a bunch of gaming accessories. This is also the best look at the Odama poster out of all the pics taken, so enjoy. NEXT!

Here's my main game shelf. On it we have my DS games (32), GBA games (15), NES games (10) and my SNES game (1...). There's also my original GBA and a broken NES (For decoration).

On top of the GBA games are various booklets, such as a Big Brain Academy brochure, a Nintendogs flyer and French booklets for Phoenix Wright 2 and Resident Evil DS. On top of the NES is a Mario Kart toy (From Wendy's a few years ago), some coloured NES game cases, and boxes for Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

Underneath my original Game Boy Advance is an old steel DS case of mine. In it are all most of my GBA cartridges. Any GBA game that didn't fit went in the coloured cases to the right (And one in the GBA itself, for dust protection).

Those grey things in front of the NES are nine DS game cases, each of which holds three game cards. Pretty handy, and nearly full to boot.

Various other stuff includes receipts, N64 game boxes, old Wii Points Cards and a Japanese Wii remote box (The remote itself is downstairs with the Wii, of course). And for picture number four...

This is the shelf above the games (Duh). I call it my display shelf, and for good reason. On it are several game characters in figurine, plush and LEGO forms. My favorite doll would have to be the giant Knuckles on the right. Won that from a claw machine on my second try! Now I'm working on getting a Poliwhirl from a local bowling alley's claw machine... It will be mine!

Ahem, anyways, objects on the shelf include several Pokemon figures, a Kirby toy (From Wendy's), a Charizard plush (Also from a claw machine), a hard-to-find copy of NBA Slam 'n' Jam '98 in the classic PSX box style, a 3D foam puzzle phone booth and a Pokeball.

Now here's some posters!

Not gonna bother listing them all, although it's worth noting you can get a better look at the duck clock in the second photo. And in case you're wondering, most of the posters are from Nintendo Power. And I like Spongebob, so what, wanna fight about it?

And now for the cool free stuff I got from the Zellers...

Window decals! Those little sticky pictures that you see in the game display cases? Well, I have four of 'em! From top to bottom, there's Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Touch Generations, Wi-Fi Connection and Tetris DS. Just about as cool as the other thing I got from the Zellers...

...a Big Brain Academy promo poster! I freaking love closing stores, man! Just ask nicely, and they'll let you take pretty much anything! I also got Donkey Konga there for $30 CDN, but that's not as exciting. Promo materials are far harder to come by!

So then, that's my SECRET LAIR! Were you curious about my abode? Well, now you're not!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Nico said...

That, my dear Duck, is awesome. I gots a working NES off my friend for $30 USD tho!

Anonymous said...


PsychoDuck said...

@ Nico:

I got a working NES from a thrift store for $5 ;)

The Duck Has Spoken.

Mike said...

Heh thats a pretty cool room. I would have loved to have had a room like that when I was your age. BTW, you have a really great blog...keep up the great work on it.

Anonymous said...

are you 10 years old?

PsychoDuck said...

@ anonymous #2:

No, I'm 16.

The Duck Has Spoken.

SkullKid said...

I like your game/display area.
Plus, that Tetris static cling is AWESOME!