Monday, September 10, 2007

Poll #8: "Which classic Nintendo franchise do you most want to see return someday?" results

Okay, here are the results for One Duck's Opinion Poll #8!

"Balloon Fight" 4 votes (4%)
"Dr. Mario" 2 votes (2%)
"Duck Hunt" 5 votes (5%)
"Ice Climber" 7 votes (7%)
"Kid Icarus" 43 votes (48%)
"Mach Rider" 1 votes (1%)
"Punch Out!" 19 votes (21%)
"Other" 3 votes (3%)
"I don't want ANY old franchises returning at all" 1 vote (1%)
"I don't care" 4 votes (4%)

Can't say I'm surprised. After all, Kid Icarus holds some great potential, especially if it were to hit the Wii. And Punch Out! is really a no-brainer. I'm a little disappointed with the votes for Mach Rider and Dr. Mario, but oh well. It's not as if these results will influence Nintendo either way, right? Right?

Make sure to vote in this week's poll, "What do you think of Link's Crossbow Training?"! For more information on the title, click here. Personally, I think it seems pretty cool. A great introduction to the Wii Zapper, just like Wii Play was an intro for the remote, and Wii Fit will be a starter for the Balance Board.

Brain Age 2 review will be up in a little bit!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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