Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Games that deserve a sequel: Part 3

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Excite Truck
Platform of original game: Wii
Preferred platform of sequel: Wii

As you most likely know from my recent review of Excite Truck, I greatly enjoyed this spiritual successor to the Excitebike games. It's for that reason that I truly believe that this game deserves a sequel!

Excite Truck was a great game, don't get me wrong, but it could have been quite a bit more. For starters, I really would have liked a better variety when it came to the racetracks. There was the heavily wooded Canada, the slightly less wooded Scotland, the wooded and frozen Finland, the wooded and hilly China, the comparatively barren Mexico and the somewhat more exotic Fiji. There's also Nebula, but that only includes one track which is only playable on two difficulty levels.

What kinds of locales would I like to see in the sequel? How about urban or in the Rocky Mountains? Those could provide a welcome change of scenery for sure. Of course, the urban setting would be no ordinary city! There'd be huge hills, burning buildings, insane amounts of crushable traffic (Worth bonus points) and even some large traffic that could prove to be an obstacle. Exploding gasoline tankers, anyone? That'd be an interesting terrain morph!

Also, perhaps we could see some power-ups other than the POW block. Hey, keep the POW, I like it, but how about we throw some more into the mix? Perhaps a Mega Mushroom-type item which would expand your truck into gargantuan proportions, or even a way to temporarily manipulate gravity! Excite Truck has never set out to be a sane title, and with this added in, it's sequel would sure uphold the tradition!

Maybe a few more events could be added to Challenge mode? Maybe something along the lines of tree crushing or urban destruction! "Crush as many vehicles as possible!" Yeah! Sign me up! And maybe we could see a time trial mode too?

And please, let there be some online multiplayer, man! Excite Truck was in the clear, it came out before the Wi-Fi connection was available for the Wii. But Excite Truck 2 NEEDS to be online! And how about we throw in four-player local play too, hmm? The more the merrier!

And of course, all the obligatory additions like more trucks and such...

Look at that list! If even half of these things were integrated into Excite Truck 2, we'd have one hell of a racer on our hands! Excite Truck 1 was great, but the sequel has the potential to be even better! Now let's get crackin', Monster Games!

And that's all for tonight, folks. See ya'll tomorrow!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking that last night as I finished the Nebula track. It could be a lot more than it is, and it was a pretty strong launch title. I love playing it, and I'd buy a sequel in a heartbeat - hopefully with online play.

--Dana (from