Monday, September 24, 2007

Poll #9: "Which consoles made by companies other than Nintendo do you own?" results

So then, this poll was the first ever that allowed voters to select more than one option. That being said, the following results will need to be interpreted a little differently.

Playstation 3 0 votes (0%)
XBox 360 1 vote (2%)
Playstation 2 12 votes (35%)
XBox 3 votes (8%)
Dreamcast 2 votes (5%)
Playstation 8 votes (23%)
Playstation Portable 6 votes (17%)
Other 8 votes (23%)
I only own Nintendo consoles. 12 votes (35%)

Number of voters: 32

Now then, that means out of 32 voters, 12 at least have a Playstation 2. Expected, really. After all, the PS2 has one of the best libraries in the history of gaming.

What surprises me is that 12 people ONLY own Nintendo consoles. Nintendo is great and all, but I feel that you really miss out by only buying consoles from nobody but them. I only hope that at least some of these 12 people have decent, gaming-quality PCs as well...

So then, make sure to vote on this week's poll, "Do you feel that the Wii's graphics aren't good enough?"! This oughta get some interesting results...

Finally, this week's banner is yet again by me. Remember, you can always submit a banner to the blog via my e-mail address listed in the sidebar. The banners must be exactly 760 pixels wide, and no taller than 300 pixels. Of course, they should be related to either Nintendo or the blog itself.

NintenConspiracy part 2 will be up later tonight!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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Awesome work.

I love your posts. Keep them coming (more regularly if possible).