Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nintendo: The unconventional advertiser

Well, here we are again! Not much to say here, so let's get bloggin'!

Looking for Brain Age 2 ads? Might as well skip scouring television commercials and internet banners. Brain Age 2 is out there in the open, where all the office workers and CEOs can see it. It's advertised in magazines and buses and trains, all places where your average business-oriented Joe can see them. Heck, I opened up a Reader's Digest about a month or so ago, and what did I find but the following...?

Three Brain Age 2 ads in a row! The first tells you to turn the page, the next says to hurry up, and the third berates you for taking so darn long! A clever advertising style, that's for sure. And it really grabs the reader's attention!

And remember that trip to The Ex I was talking about? Well, on the train ride home, there was another ad for Brain Age 2! This one said "Train rides can be pretty boring, can't they?", albeit all screwed up. Again, an amazing tactic to draw in the attention of passersby.

Nintendo has really nailed advertising to the masses. Sure, the average Joe watches some TV from time to time, but I'm sure Joe spends plenty more time reading and sitting in transit! Seriously, you say "videogame advertising" to some guy on the street, and he'll probably think of internet and TV. Say it to Nintendo, and they'll think "In the public's eye, of course!"!

Also, did you notice that non-blurred portion in the second scan? Now that's some great placement!

Okay, this was kind of a short one, but I've been wanting to write this for a while. Any more would just be filler, really. What weird places have you seen games like Brain Age advertised?

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

cool post

bellboy said...

Hahaha! That's pretty cool! Clever marketing is fairly rare nowadays and when it advertises something related to the game company I hold dear- that's gotta be a bonus!

WJUK said...

You know what would have been better marketing (you thought it was impossible didn't you?)?

They should have made a giant life-sized replica of Dr Kawashima's head (because we all know his head its actually scaled down millions of times to fit on the DS.

Now, that would have been an awesome advert. Just a big head.