Monday, September 3, 2007

Poll #7: "Which color of DS Lite do you like best?" results

Okay, here we go with the results for poll #7!

"White" 15 votes (23%)
"Onyx" 11 votes (17%)
"Pink" 2 votes (3%)
"The red/black Brain Age 2 model" 10 votes (15%)
"Light blue" (Japan only) 0 votes (0%)
"Navy blue" (Japan only) 10 votes (15%)
"Metallic pink" (Japan only) 0 votes (0%)
"Metallic silver" (Japan only) 3 votes (4%)
"Other" 1 vote (1%)
"They all rock" 7 votes (10%)
"They all suck" 4 votes (6%)
"I don't know" 1 vote (1%)

Well, I was somewhat surprised with these results! I thought the majority of the votes would go to the Brain Age 2 DS, followed by Onyx and Navy Blue. But as it turns out, White won, followed by Onyx, with Navy Blue and the Brain Age 2 DS tied for third. I never thought people liked the original white so much! When it was announced last year that North America would only be getting the Polar White model at launch, everyone was saying how much they wanted the Navy and Light Blue versions... Well, that was over a year ago, and I guess opinions can change!

Also, you may have noticed a new banner! I know, you guys were probably expecting something Metroid related, but I couldn't come up with anything good like that. Instead, enjoy this The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass banner!

Again, if you want to submit a banner to me, you can send it to my Yahoo! E-Mail. Just keep in mind that the banner has to be EXACTLY 760 pixels wide, and no more than 300 pixels tall. Make the subject of the e-mail something like "One Duck's Opinion banner" or something like that, so I don't accidentally delete it (I get tonnes of spam...).

Okay, so that's that! Make sure to vote on this week's poll, "Which classic Nintendo franchise do you most want to see return someday?"! I'm pretty sure we all know who'll be winning this round. I voted Dr. Mario, though. I'm just such a fan!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Mike said...

Gotta be Iceclimber, I'd forgotten how awesome that was until I saw it in your poll. I'd love to see a 3-d remake of it, huge mountains. It'd be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how the concepts of Rock, paper and scissors game works? I'm in the UK and am afraid I haven't got a clue how to do this brain test or what I'm supposed to do when presented with either the two fingers or 5. Can anyone please help?