Friday, November 9, 2007

Major site changes


I woke up this morning to 69 e-mails sitting in my inbox. 65 of those were notifications of SPAM COMMENTS. Somebody went through the last ten or so of my articles and posted several homophobic remarks in each of them.

The comments have now all been deleted.

Also, the chat box was filled with much of the same. Again, these have been deleted, and the user has been banned.

To help against future assaults such as this, I have had to step up security in regards to comment posting. From now on, each comment must first be approved by me before it is posted. A "scrambled letters" box has also been added, to help fight multi-posting.

While deleting the comments, I accidentally removed a comment from Jonathan on my Picross DS review. Sorry about that, Jonathan! If you wish, feel free to re-post your comment.

That is all for now. Updates will resume tonight as usual.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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