Friday, November 23, 2007

Mini-article: Tips to Sony: How to sell the PS3

No, you haven't stumbled into the Twilight Zone. Just read on.

I think that everybody can agree that the PS3 is completely floundering in terms of sales. It's no secret, really. Looking at the sales charts, the PS3 hasn't even sold half as many units as the XBox 360, let alone coming close to the Wii.

Looking at the PS3 and how it's being managed, I can come up with a few ideas on how to make it sell better.

1: Stop making PS2s. From the launch of the PS3 to now, the PS2 has sold 10 million units, 4 million more than the PS3. Sony is cannibalizing their own sales! So nix the PS2, and implement 100% backwards compatibility in the PS3.

2: Find a way to lower that ridiculous price. Even your cheapest, $400 model costs way too much. Trim it down to $300 somehow. And make it possible for people who buy the cheap model to gradually upgrade to the full potential of the most expensive unit. None of this "Will never be as good" crap.

3: Show off the PS3's true power. Get SCEA off their asses and tell them to make a game that really flexes the console's muscle. Get every last bit of those processors humming with processing software, and make some good use of that SIXAXIS. Go out, play Excite Truck, get inspired and get working.

In short, Sony needs to cut costs, kill the PS2 and show off what the PS3 can really do. Then you'll see the sales.

I believe the PS3 can be good, but not in it's current state. It'll take some work and a lot of cash, but it can be saved and turned into a winner.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

They need games to sell the system.

Also, they make money off the PS2's where they lose money by selling PS3's. The PS3 is in it for the long run and will take a few years to gain momentum. I don't plan on buying one for at least 2 or 3 years if not more, but I do plan on buying one.