Friday, November 2, 2007

Mini-article: By this time next year...

Here's a mini-article for ya! Should be followed up by a full-length article if all goes as planned. If not, you'll be seeing that article on Monday instead.

I like predicting things. It's fun, and it helps get people excited for the future. So here are a few I've thought up.

By this time next year...

...Star Fox Wii will have been announced for an early 2009 release.
...Animal Crossing Wii will have launched in all major markets.
...a new design of the Nintendo DS will be announced. least two more game systems will be added to the Virtual Console.
...the obligatory third Pokemon game of the generation will be released.
...over 20 million Wii systems will have been sold worldwide.
...Duke Nukem Forever will remain unreleased.

That last one is really obvious! As for the others, I'm seeing a probability of 70%+ for all of them.

Remember this article come November 2008, folks! Who knows, I may have to change my name to PsychicDuck!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Cameron said...

Nice predictions! I agree with most of them, but didn't you mean StarFox will come out early 2009?

alexanderpas said...

no, because it will be delayed, but they don't know yet ;)