Saturday, February 2, 2008

What jobs would game characters take in real life?

This article popped into my head during the week, and I couldn't resist all the great Photoshopping opportunities!

For many years, game characters have worked tirelessly to provide us with entertainment. But where would they be if it weren't for video games? What if these characters had instead devoted their time to becoming active contributors to society? Here's where I think they'd be if they never found their place in games.

What better line of work could there be for Princess Peach than fashion? The pink heiress would make a great model, and perhaps even design her own line of clothes! Pink and frilly with a dash of Mushroom Kingdom flair could really turn the fashion world upside-down.

There's something about Ganondorf that just screams "leadership", and that's why I think he'd be perfect as a CEO of a large firm of some sort. The mean looking Gerudo just exudes a sense of authority, and I doubt any workers beneath him would question his methods. The devious mind of this villain would certainly lead to many a corporate takeover, and his company would certainly rise through the ranks of the commercial world. Could Ganondorf become the next Donald Trump?

Like Ganondorf, Bowser also has a certain flair for leadership. However, he's often more hands-on than other game villains, so I think that a job as a foreman would be the perfect fit. With his rough attitude and imposing figure, he'd be great at ordering around the workers. And with his immense strength, he could lift girders and construction materials with ease. Imagine all the money he'd save on heavy machinery!

With a smile like that, Zack's a perfect model for toothpaste commercials. His unique look and show-stealing personality would most likely catch the attention of talent agents all over. From there, he could easily move on to bigger things, such as guest spots on television shows, a leading role in a sitcom, and perhaps even a part in a major motion picture! This kid's gonna go places, I tell ya!

And of course, what other job could there be for Mario but plumber? His skills with tools is matched by few, and with his brother Luigi, they could start a hugely successful plumbing business. Mario Bros. Plumbing... Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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