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Animal Crossing Wii ideas 5: Still no end in sight

I feel it's about time I re-visit one of the staples of this blog, my Animal Crossing Wii ideas series! Every month I do these, always hoping that by the next update I could stop guessing and finally see the real thing. Yet, once again, a month goes by without a whisper, so here we are. Time for round five of Animal Crossing Wii ideas!

The return of tents and igloos

In the first Animal Crossing, randomly throughout Summer and Winter, you'd see tents and igloos, respectively. Inside was a villager eager to play a game against you. A game that usually ended up with you paying a whole whackload for a piece of crap. And that was it. Sure, you could go back again and pay another 3000 bells for yet another Kiddy Carpet, but really, isn't there something you'd rather be doing?

However, there was too much potential in these little refuges to leave them behind, so I think they should come back in Animal Crossing Wii. What could be done to make these better? I was thinking maybe a traveler would be the one to set up camp, and they'd talk about their journey, where they've been, where they're going... Maybe they've even been to one of your friends' towns! Then they'd give you a gift to remember them by, and the next day, they'd be gone. Really adds a bit more of a point to the tents and igloos, doesn't it?

Expanding on multiplayer

As we are all well aware of, Nintendo has long stressed that Animal Crossing Wii will feature interaction on a level not yet seen in any other game in the series. With friends sending you letters via WiiConnect24 and perhaps even visiting while you're not playing, there's going to be so much more to do with all your pals online. Here are a few minor ideas I have.

First, there would be a huge amount of friends allowed in any town at any time. I was thinking maybe twelve maximum, but I'd settle for anything above Wild World's four. This would make for some insane online treasure hunting (More details in Volume 2), and perhaps even organized hide-and-seek. With twelve people, who knows?

Second, several people could play at once on the same Wii. Anybody with an existing resident could simply hop in, and those who are simply dropping by for a visit could use one of two guest characters (One male, one female). You could even go online while someone else is playing with you, working in a way similar to Mario Kart Wii's two VS world multiplayer. Of course, one limitation would be if one person went to another town, everyone would have to go with them. Rendering two (Or more) separate towns at once would surely cause the Wii to burst into flames.

Random toys and objects lying around

Back in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, you could randomly find balls lying around town. You could just kick them around for fun, and sometimes a villager may ask for one to play with. You deliver it, they're happy, mission complete. However, like the tents and igloos, this was sadly absent from Animal Crossing: Wild World. But I want to see it return!

To add to the original selection of just balls, there could also be sticks and such lying around. These could be sold for a couple bells at Tom Nook's shop, or maybe they'd just randomly fall from trees, tripping anyone not careful enough to watch for them. Perhaps you'd even see some other kind of outdoor toy, like a Frisbee or a pogo-stick. You never really know! And of course, you may see garbage tossed on the ground by some inconsiderate villager from time to time. Why, the nerve of some people!

Villagers being able to visit a friend's town

In Animal Crossing Wii, perhaps a villager may seem to disappear from time to time. Where'd they go? Ask one of your friends if they're in their town! I think it'd be really cool if villagers could freely visit your friends' towns whenever they want. After all, who says only humans can leave town? What makes us so special? You know, besides thumbs.

If a villager really likes it in your friend's town, they could even decide to move there. But don't worry, you can still visit them! They'd retain all their memories of you, the other villagers and the town itself. And who knows, they may move back. Or they could even move to yet another town from there, ending up in who-knows-where! Villagers need to go out on their own, too, don't you think?

Give a gift to any villager, any time

Talking to any villager for more than a few minutes usually spurs them to give you something like a carpet or a crappy chair. But what if we wish to give them something? Usually the only time we can is when they ask, but I think it'd be nice if we could give something to one of our village buddies whenever we want. Generosity's always nice!

Oh, and don't think giving them something they just gave you will work. They don't appreciate re-gifting, especially without even one degree of separation.

This concludes our broadcast week. We'll be back for more this Monday evening.


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