Thursday, August 21, 2008

Evolving One Duck's Opinion

I'm not sure how to put this, so I hope you understand what I'm about to say. One Duck's Opinion is going to be changing a little. Before you freak out, allow me to say that I will still write, I will still give my opinions, and I will still review and comment on video games.

What's going to change is the formerly narrow subject pool. From this day forward, One Duck's Opinion will no longer be almost entirely about Nintendo. As I've said before, my two main gaming platforms are Wii and PC. Thus, One Duck's Opinion will start to feature more coverage and discussion of PC-related news and reviews. Again, I will still talk about Nintendo, but computer-centric articles are going to be added into the mix. Adding a little RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Super Mario, some Half-Life 2 to the Metroid. Well, not literally, of course. Those combinations would make terrible cross-overs.

I don't wish to alienate any of my established readers here, so if you are angered or upset by this change, please let me know. It's just that I have changed a lot over the last fifteen months, and I feel the blog has to evolve with me. I hope you can all respect and accept this change, as it is something I feel I have to do. As of late I've been playing almost nothing but PC, and it's beginning to occupy my mind more than Nintendo and their games. I still have a love for the consoles made by Nintendo and the games available for them, of course. I still play my DS and Wii just about every day. It's just that the computer in my bedroom is starting to take up a larger slice out of my gaming pie.

If this change meets with negative reception, I'll reconsider, I assure you. I don't want to disappoint anyone out there who likes the blog in its current form. As for now, though, I feel it's a necessary change. I hope you can all accept this happily.

One Duck's Opinion will return this Friday with a brand-new review and renewed enthusiasm. Well, I will, at least. Until then, I hope you all have a great time doing whatever it is you do. This is PsychoDuck, signing off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay, cool. :O

At first, I thought you were doing something horrible and drastic. XD

But seriously, IMO, the more games/systems you cover, the better it'll be.

Now go review Portal while you're at it! XD